Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things I WON'T hear my husband say

I have read these on a few other blogs and thought that it was so funny, so here is my list of things that I won't hear from my husband...

"No, I would rather not have pizza for dinner tonight."

"I totally agree with you, we really should start working on baby #3!"

"Yes, your butt does look big in those jeans."
(I love him!) :)

"An ice cold beer? Yuck!"

"Of course I actually moved things around while looking for ___."

"You should get those new shoes, they really are the cutest."

"Why don't you give me the camera and I will take some pictures of you and the kids."

"Obama is the best president ever!" :)

"Football is so overrated."

"I know, I really wish I could go to Target every day too."

"Yes, your job is much harder than mine."

"Why don't we cuddle on the couch and watch the Notebook tonight." (Even though he really would!)

"Maybe I will just skip deer hunting opener this year and hang out with the family."

What won't you hear?


Amanda said...

"You should spend some more time on your blog dear... I didn't want to *cuddle* tonight anyway."


Cute list.


Pineapple Princess said...

LOVE this post! You are hilarious! Now I'm in a good mood. :)

What I won't hear, "Here, Honey. Let ME clean the toilets!"

Katrina said...

I think you wouldn't hear my husband say all of the above haha! I love that post.

Sonya said...

oh my gosh this is hilarious! what a great post. :)

carma said...

"You go ahead and blog, I'll clean up the dishes." Great post. As soon as I hear my husband rifling through the drawers to find something I fly into a panic and help out right away as opposed to the disorganized mess I would otherwise find :D

He & Me + 3 said...

I'm too tired. LOL Kind of like Amanda's comment...but so true:)

Mike and Katie said...

Your husband and mine are a lot alike! Except for the working on baby #3. We've got that one covered!

I'm dreading deer season. He usually likes to hunt all three weekends. I'm afraid of being left home alone for one of them! At least the boys are big enough for him to take with now.

dan and rachel said...

haha! that is so funny!

Michelle M. said...

What a great list! If I have a chance, I will do this, too :)

Jen said...

great list, hope to do one of these on my blog soon. Great idea!!!!

Jen said...

thanks so much for your prayers and kind words...I will post that receipe for the soup this week. It is wonderful, I can say that since I didn't create the receipe. :) Take care and have a great day. Jenny

Bethany said...

I needed this laugh today. I think our husbands would totally hit it off. Except the beer thing. Doug never developed a taste for it. Hunting...yeah, that would be right up his ally.