Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's October...Oc-to-ber!

Is it just me or is this year flying by like crazy? Ok ok, I know every year flies by. It's just not fair. But my Mom always told me that sometimes life isn't fair. I guess she was right after all. Anyway, I wrote out all our bills this week and sent them out and now just realized that I wrote September on all of them. Do you think they will still cash them?


And just because I love you all so much I am adding a picture of my babies, because I share like that.

I can't imagine life without these two! I can kiss them all day long and still feel like I need to sneak in just one more.

And then one more after that!

Have a great night everyone!


Jen said...

that is a priceless picture of your cute kiddos! I am sure they will cash your checks...they always want money. :)

I am so glad that you all liked the breakfast burritos!!!! We love them and I think they are so easy. Have a great night and thanks for your kind words.

Bethany said...

Kiss them just because you still can. And they don't get embarrassed. Ouch! That's starting to hurt a little. Hope you all are have a great night.

Kathryn said...

sooo cute... this is the time to enjoy... when they actually get

Tina Fisher said...

Very cute picture! It's nice that you can even get them to sit for a picture!

I am sure they won't even look at the date...just the money amount!!

Kiss away!

Have fun at the pumpkin patch today! Can't wait to see pictures!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hear ya...they are adorable and I kiss mine all the time too. The older ones don't like it so much. They always say ENOUGH. you can never show enough love. Keep kissing them!
Yes they will cash them. They want your money:)

Sonya said...

They are super cute. I would kiss them all day too! I cannot believe that it is October and almost Christmas. Before I know it Lauren will be turning 2!!!

Shay said...

=-) I wish it were cooler here so it would FEEL like october!

Sarah said...

Your kids are so adorable!!!! A quote from my sister in law that I LOVE is "the days are long, but the years are short" SOOOO true!