Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

Flashback time....oh I know your excited!! :) I actually love looking back at pictures, especially when my kids were know because I enjoy making myself cry, or something like that.

Does anyone else look back at old pictures all the time? Not like these are old or anything, just from last Halloween...but geez do my kids look different, crazy!

Here was the Princess and the Bee
(Braden only wore his outfit for about 10 minutes for pictures and he kept looking at me like 'what are you doing to me, lady!?')

They both look so little!

Speaking of that, now that Braden is 14 months do you think it's time to take his birth announcement off the fridge? :)


Tina Fisher said...

I love the picture with all the pumpkins on the table with Braden! I had to double take on that!

I also like looking at old pictures. I want to do some side by side comparisons...not sure how to frame them though.

Happy Halloween!

Katrina said...

Nah, keep it up! The only reason I took Aidyn's down is because we moved haha.

I love all their costumes! The pictures of them mixed in with all the pumpkins are adorable.

Chell said...

TOOO cute! I am loving all the "pumpkins" on the table :)

Bethany said...

I would keep the birth announcement up. I have my kids hospital pics on my fridge. It helps me remember that at one time they were perfect...and I should still value the sanctity of life. :)

I love seeing the old pictures of your kids. And wow was Braden tiny.

dan and rachel said...

oh CUTE!!!! and look at those cheeks on Alexa! could they be any more squeezalious?!

He & Me + 3 said...

It is crazy how a year makes such a difference when they are so young. They are just precious. Cute little Bee. Nope, leave that Birth Announcement up, I still have infant pictures of Stunt Man up on the fridge from his first week home.

shannon said...

OMG CUTE! i am *so* glad to know that i'm not the only one that looks @ old pictures almost obsessively. and yea, i cry, too. it's just that they change SO much when they're this young!

Stephanie said...

Nah..I don't think it's ever too long to leave infant pictures up! :)

My favorite is the picture of Braden on the table with all the pumpkins...soooo cute!

Sonya said...

They are so cute. I love their costumes. I look back at pictures of when Lauren was first born alot too. It amazes me just how fast that they grow and change. Heck, sometimes she looks different than she did last week!

Uncle Phill said...

Mein babies so cute!

Amanda said...

I still have Parkers birth announcement on my fridge.


God bless-

Michelle M. said...

What sweet photos!!