Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I learned today

Today is WONDERFUL! The sun is shining and it is nice and warm. So we decided to get out and go for a nice long walk and stop by the park on the way home. Here are some things I learned from our outing....

1. There will always be those people who spit their gum out wherever they want and then it ends up on the bottom of someones shoe, like mine. ugh

2. Braden loves going for walks just as much as Alexa did when she was his age, which is good because he will be in the stroller a lot this summer since he isn't walking yet.

3. I am so out of shape. I could walk 4 miles while 9 months pregnant no problem last summer, walking about 2 miles today was a workout! Needless to say our treadmill didn't get tons of use this past winter.

4. I must always remember to check the camera before we leave so when I take it out to get an adorable shot of my kids both laughing while swinging I am not upset when I find out the battery is at home, charging. So no pictures from today :( but there will be a nauseating amount to come from the rest of the summer I'm sure.

5. There are a lot of people who are home during the day. I have no idea if these people work nights, have been laid off, or are just stay at home moms/dads, but I always thought while I was at work everyone else was too. I think it made me feel better thinking that, so now if/when I go back to work I will be sad thinking of all the people outside playing.

6. Alexa is going to want to spend A LOT of time at the park this summer, which is totally fine with me. We got a brand new park put in our development last summer and it is about a 3 minute walk away....fabulous!

7. I really don't enjoy when people can't pick up after their dogs, it's gross. However this didn't make it to the bottom of my shoe, but it is annoying constantly telling Alexa to watch out for the poop.

8. As much as I hate to age Braden, I wish that he was just a little older so that he could be running around and able to play with more stuff this summer. Hopefully he will be walking before the summer is over.

9. I LOVE Spring. Okay, obviously I didn't just learn this but I don't think I have ever had Spring Fever so bad in my life and it's just so nice to be home with the kids and get outside and play for hours! LOVE IT!

10. Considering Braden puts almost everything in his mouth I am very surprised he didn't eat any rocks while sitting at the park, very impressive.

11. Alexa can climb really well. For being two she was ALL OVER the play equipment as I followed her around saying "careful....oh wait....let mommy help....careful honey....just a second." Apparently she is part monkey, good to know.

I hope everyone else is having a great day as well!


katster said...

i cant stand people who spit out gum! my major thing is when your walking behind someone "(mainly men) and they turn there head and sneeze with out covering there mouth.. so you end up walking through there sneeze... but i always hold my breath if that happens.. but its so gross!!!

Bethany said...

The only thing worse than gum on my shoe is when it makes it into my child's mouth. Yes, that did happen. Ty was about Alexa's age and 'found' some gun on the bottom of a table at McDonald's. I think I might have gotten sick, however my memory fails me... I hope you get to really enjoy spring with your kids.