Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Spring....Love Alexa

Dear Spring,
Thank you for finally coming to see me. I was starting to go a little crazy in our house doing the same stuff over and over. Mom tried to keep things interesting but I think we were both ready to get outside. I was very happy to go out and draw with chalk, I think I could do it forever. Actually I freaked out when mom said that it was time to go back inside, but you know that's just what I do sometimes. I can't wait to get my 4-wheeler out and my new bouncy horse thing. Also a big pool and all our toys when it gets even warmer. Oh yeah, and we're trying to convince my wonderful, loving, handsome daddy to get us a really cool swing set with a slide and swings and a teeter toter and even a sand box. Spring? Do you think you could talk to him about this? I'm working on it, he usually can't resist my cute little face....especially when I call him my prince! Anyway, you can kick it up a few more notches so I can wear my new flip flops and don't have to wear my coat anymore. Oh yeah and one more thing, please don't take so long to visit again next year....or ever, it just wasn't very cool. I am also sending a couple pictures of me playing with my chalk, this was clearly before I freaked out because I will now never want to go back inside again...ever. But mom says she can run faster than me so things will work out.

Here's a butterfly I made especially for you!

Oh and here's my little brother, he came outside too but it was kind of windy so he stayed in the stroller. Which is probably okay because I think that I will probably not be too happy to have to share all my outside toys with him too.

Love, Alexa


katster said...

that is so cute!! i love the little letter.. i had bought the kids a swing set from toys r us.. the kids love it.(when they actually play on it). its got a fort house on top, huge slide, and swings and a rope climb.. so if your thinking of buying one.. this one is nice.. of coarse you have to build it =(.. i think it was $800.. but is so well made and worth it..

Uncle Phill said...

Tell Matt if he needs help putting up a playset to give me a hollar.