Sunday, April 5, 2009

Change of Plans

Friday night, date night. Kids are both going to Gramma's house.

Dinner. Friends. Laughter. Rest. Cold beer. Bowling. Fun. Relaxation. Wii. Sleeping in.

This is what our Friday night was suppose to look like. It has been quite awhile since Matt and I have had a night out with some friends AND a morning of not getting up before the rest of the world.

Change of plans.

INSTEAD this was what our night was filled with:

Phone calls to Doctor. Rushing to Urgent Care. Breathing problems. Oxygen levels. Nebulizer. Ear infections. Fever. Throwing up everywhere. Crying. Laundry.

Seriously, when is this poor little boy ever going to be not sick again? He gets healthy for about a day and then on to the next thing. ugghhh!

Anyway, Alexa still went off to Gramma's house which was a really good thing. Shortly after they left, Matt got home Braden went pretty quickly from bad to worse. All the sudden he was having a hard time breathing and was throwing up all over the place. So after a quick phone call to the doctor we rushed to Urgent Care. After checking and poking and monitoring and listening we found out he not only probably has a pretty good case of RSV but on top of that he had a horrible ear infection in both ears, low oxygen levels and a nice fever. The first plan of attack was to hook him up with a nebulizer and if that didn't work there was a whole long list of things we would have been doing which probably would have had us spending a wonderful night down in the ER. Of course we were praying it would help bring his oxygen levels up. And after about 5 minutes not only was his oxygen back up but he finally stopped coughing for a few minutes. So after all was said and done and we finally left we had a nebulizer, a prescription for antibiotics and some pain relievers. Then after a quick stop at the pharmacy we headed home for yet another bath after more throwing up at the doctors.

What a night it ended up being, not quite what we had planned that's for sure. I am starting to get a little irritated at how much this boy is getting sick. I think it's time for a visit with the doctor to check everything out and make sure there's not something more to it all.

Anyway, here's a picture of Braden and his first nebulizer. (Not so easy to convince him to sit there and do it that's for sure!)

We just want this happy, healthy little man back. Actually he's still almost always happy....even being poked by the doctor all night he was still smiling at her and even gave some laughs.

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katster said...

oh.!.. poor baby!! well im glad to see he is ok! He looks like he is such a happy baby All my kids are sick at this moment =(..poor caden can barely breath his nose is so stuffed up..