Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alexa's dream day

Today we went to Toddler Tuesdays at the MOA. Why was today such a great day? Because today Dora was there! Alexa was SO excited to see her. I couldn't really figure out if she was expecting a real person (like there was) or a person wearing a huge 4 foot fake Dora head. Doesn't matter, she was super happy with what she got!
Here she is giving her a hug.
And it was very much worth the long wait it took to get there.

Since we were there we figured we would walk around and see what else we could find. (FYI - there are lots of pictures to come, we found a lot!)
A big moose Alexa was quite shy with, it took awhile to get close and even longer to finally give the guy a high five.

And Ming-Ming from the Wonder Pets! This time she didn't even think twice before giving a big hug!

Oh yeah, then there was Braden who maybe got a little bored with all the meet and greet stuff...he just relaxed in the stroller for that part.

Then we were off to Nickelodeon Universe. Now that Alexa is 39" she was able to go on some rides. She LOVED the swings!

And her and Gramma rode on Magenta...

She had a blast!

Braden too!


Gramma said...

Me three...Thanks for letting me tag along!! It was so much fun!!
LOVE this last pic of Braden!! He was such a good sport..

katster said...

that looks like such a fun place!

Uncle Phill said...

Dude.... I hate being an adult.

dan and rachel said...

GREAT pics! i wasn't sure whether Dora would be a real person or a person in a huge costume either! ming ming was something else! talk about BIG!!!! both of your children are just so adorable!