Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend - Part 1

What a GORGEOUS weekend it was. Also very busy, but it was great! After a somewhat relaxing night hanging out at home we work up to some great weather on Saturday so Matt and Alexa went outside a raked leaves. No, no it IS spring, this just never got done last fall so it was a must. Alexa loved helping Daddy and in general just loved being outside all day running around.

What would raking leaves be without jumping in them? Alexa had a blast and I think it may have taken about twice as long to get the job done, o-well.

Braden woke up from his nap and got outside for some playing in the leaves too. This pictures was taken about 12 seconds before Alexa came to "bury" him. Fortunately, he is so used to her and didn't mind it too much.

After raking leaves and golfing, sliding, blowing bubbles, running around....then a nice good nap, we went to Stillwater for an Easter Egg Hunt. We thought it was a good idea but we were proven very wrong. Even though there was approximately 2.5 million pieces of candy, there was about 2000 crazy, sugar hungry kids along with some even more vicious parents all ready to do what they needed to get the goods. Thank goodness Alexa ready could have cared less about the candy, she found a pack of fruit snacks right away and that was good enough for her.

So we took our fruit snacks and went to play on the playground.

Our neighbors and Alexa's good friend Svea were there too so they had tons of fun running around the park. Aren't they just adorable? They were running across the baseball field holding hands in this picture. I am truly amazed at the energy kids have...I wish I was two again.

Braden had fun too, he loved playing in the grass and the sand.
He will definitely have a blast this summer.

After the Easter egg hunt we went back home for some grilled steaks and egg coloring. Alexa, go figure, loved it. Shocking I know. I am very impressed at how much that stuff doesn't stain things, like floors, clothes, hands, hair.... Nice job Easter Egg coloring kit people!

What a long, FUN day it was....have I mentioned I LOVE Spring!?! Alexa was so ready to crash, BUT not before we set out carrots and water for the Easter Bunny!


katster said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! Easter is so much fun =).. except for the candy part...

dan and rachel said...

wow, i need to get hooked up with your easter egg coloring kit. ours stained *everything*!!!!

cute idea to leave carrots and water for the easter bunny. next year, i'm going to incorporate that into our tradition! thanks!