Thursday, April 30, 2009

All in a days work

We have yet another little overachiever on our hands. A kid that can't do just one new thing in a day or even two but this little guy thought he should do three new things yesterday. First off was pulling himself up onto his knees all by himself, very exciting of course. So maybe with all the cheering from his personal cheerleader ( that's why he decided to just hours later pull himself all the way to his feet. He was so proud of himself that he kept bouncing up and down and smiling like crazy (which eventually lead to him falling back down, but give the kid a break it was the first time.) He looks like he's concentrating so hard....

Now today he already thinks he's a little pro, pulling himself up everywhere. See how excited he gets! I thinks he's happy to be able to get into all the toys without any help. It's officially time to lower the crib again, which you would never guess this, but it makes me a little little baby growing up. However I am happy that he is now venturing out a little to find his own stuff to play with and doesn't need someone constantly picking up toys for him to play with.

Oh yeah, and that third thing....he can now get from laying down to sitting up! I just amazes me how kids can learn so many new things in such a short time.


katster said...

this is the fun age.. =)

Uncle Phill said...

What a big boy!