Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Today we met up with ours friends Jess and Lucas and went to Como Zoo. We had so much fun! The kids got along great and had a blast chasing each other around the whole place. And although we didn't see any bears we did see lions and tigers and lots of other animals. It was like the perfect day too, not too warm and not too cool and for the most part it wasn't very busy. (There are a lot of pictures but there were so many cute ones it was hard to narrow down!) :)
Here's Alexa and Lucas - could they be any cuter!?! They should for sure be boyfriend and girlfriend...not only do they get along great but they would totally be the pair voted "cutest couple" in high school!

At the seals...I was off nursing Braden but I think they even got to see them get fed.

Not sure what's going here, I think she was maybe trying to pull the penguins beaks off. They were getting a little crazy by this point. :)

So cute!

Alexa got home and told everyone the zebra "smelled like poop" - I had to agree.

One of Alexa's favorites. I told her that this one was the baby and she kept asking me "where is the baby?" I think she was confused about how something so huge was a baby.

Also one of Alexa's favorites, she is always talking about lions...and I have no idea why. So she was excited to see some, from a distance of course. And we couldn't quite tell if the female was pregnant or just on the heavy side, I think pregnant.

I think Braden had a pretty good time too. He didn't say much but he likes sitting back and people watching.

On our way out we stopped by story time with this gorilla. As you can see I'm not sure how interested either one really was.

Seriously, they are adorable!

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