Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend - Part 2

It so much fun now that Alexa is old enough to kind of understand holidays. We did sit down and read "What is Easter" to make sure she understood what Easter really is about, and surprising I think she kind of got the idea for the most part. It was pretty cute Sunday morning though. We came upstairs and Alexa was of course awake waiting for us and we said "Happy Easter" and she was so excited. I asked if she thought the Easter Bunny came and she came running out into the kitchen looking around. I don't think she actually knew what she was looking for but she was trying to find something.
Here's Alexa with her Easter basket.

And Braden with his basket.
They both got new hats, and Braden was happy about his new bubbles.

They got cute little chairs too. Alexa loves it, she's sitting right by me in hers as I type this. Now all we need is a nice fire to sit around!

Then it was off to brunch with Grandma Terry, Uncle Matt, Auntie Deanna and Olivia. The girls had a blast running around and playing. It's so much fun that they will be able to chase each other around this summer. They're so cute...

And the Easter bunny showed up too, but the girls wouldn't stand by him to take a picture so Braden and I did instead....Braden thought he was great. I can't totally blame the little girls though, look at that bunny, he is a little funny looking.
As he was walking away Alexa is watching him go and all the sudden points and says "That's not a bunny, that's just a people!" Sometimes she's too smart for her own good. I have a feeling the Easter Bunny and Santa thing isn't going to last long around our house. :(
After brunch it was off to Grampa and Gramma's house for lunch and yet another Easter Egg Hunt. Even though this was our third one Alexa loved it, I think she would be happy waking up every morning and going on an egg hunt.

Braden found some eggs too.
I think he had a pretty good first Easter.

We hope everyone had a great Easter!


katster said...

looks like your guys had a fun easter!! cute pictures! Alexa looked so excited!

Becca said...

Thanks for stopping in on my blog. I just now came across your comment! Sorry!

Your children are absolutely adorable! It looks like yall had a fabulous Easter. I will definitely be back.

dan and rachel said...

your kids made out with some pretty sweet loot from the easter bunny! beautiful family picture at the end of the post, too!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful family!!! Glad everyone had a great time... I love those hats!!

God bless-

Uncle Phill said...

Oh my lord, the picture of those two in their new chairs is friggin' adorable!