Monday, April 27, 2009

Two and a half

Yesterday we celebrated Alexa's half birthday...she is officially two and a half. What a big girl she is. We didn't actually do much, mostly just hung out and had a relaxing day as a family. After dinner though we frosted and ate some cupcakes.

At 2 1/2 here's a little of what Alexa is up to:
*She is completely potty trained (excluding night time)
*We are working on counting to 25, she can usually make it to 22 or 23
*She can recognize about 75% of the alphabet
*She also recognizes her name
*She is 39" tall
*Some of her favorite past times are - reading books, singing and dancing, doing anything outside, cutting paper, putting stickers on everything, helping mommy and daddy (cooking, laundry, fixing things, feed Braden, etc.), playing with her babies...
And here's some of her favorite little sayings:
"That's not suppose to happen"
"Sanks" & "Sank you" (for thanks and thank you)
"I love you the mostest"
"Hello sweetheart"
"Sure is bumpy out today" (when driving on a bumpy road)
"I'm not a ___, I'm a princess" (whenever you call her anything besides princess)
"That is fantastic"
"No way Jose"
"Oh my goodness sakes"
"Be with all the sick people and sad people and hurt people" (when praying at night)
"Hi little guy" "It's okay Buddy" "Hey little B" (she is an awesome big sister)

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katster said...

ahh..what a cutie.. im still working on lauren.. what do you do when you go places.