Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meanwhile, Over at Gramma's...

You have no idea how happy we were that Alexa still went to Grampa and Gramma's house on Friday night. Seriously. Alexa being confined to a small space is no good. Alexa being confined to a small space with lots of really expensive stuff around is just to scary to even think about. She was of course MORE than willing to still take off with Gramma and didn't show any excitement at the fact that Braden would now be staying home. Gramma all to herself equals a perfect getaway for her!

Saturday morning she talked Gramma into making some pancakes. (Oh did I mention she slept until 7:30, little stinker!) Then it was off to Church for a big Easter Egg Hunt. We hear she had a wonderful time and also that she was very particular about what eggs she got. She passed all eggs whose color did not involve PINK. What can we say, she is ALL girl and she loves her pink.

As you can see it was quite the challenge to find eggs, man it could have lasted days! :)

She also got picked to win a prize!
She got chalk, and socks and stickers.


katster said...

She looks like she had a blast! cant wait for the kids to do this!

Amanda said...

How cute is that!! And theres Grandma Kelli and Alaina!! I miss them... its been over a month for me! Thanks for the pictures...cause I'm sure they were all for me. ;)

God bless-

Bethany said...

So much fun! I love Easter egg hunts. Tyler did the exact opposite. He would NOT add a pink or purple egg to his stash. We thought it was quite hilarious and Becca enjoyed his leavings. : ) Hope your little man gets better soon.

dan and rachel said...

good times!!!! wish my kids could be near their grandparents! what a blessing!