Monday, September 21, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

One of the most precious gifts from heaven above,
Is the gift of a daughter, for a Daddy to love.

A Father Loves His Daughter:

A father loves a daughter
Like no other love on earth.

From the day he first meets her
Nothing can compare her worth.

Forever they are bonded
With a love that never fails.

For always he will hug her
And kiss goodnight with fairy tails.

He will love her and protect her
With strong arms just in case

But will also hug her tenderly
With a fatherly embrace.

Eskimo kisses touch her nose
With a giggle and a squeeze

And that sparkle in her eyes
Could bring him to his knees.

What more could any father want
Than a daughter so sweet and pure

There's nothing in this world so rare
Of that he can be sure.

A fathers love is so unique
It cannot be replaced

He will always treasure times with her
And the memories embraced.

-Kristin Rose


PotterMama said...

How cute! Your family is so beautiful. I love your daughters red hair!

Sonya said...

what a sweet and beautiful post! I may have to borrow your poem and do my own daddy daughter post!! How cute. He looks so happy to have a daughter!!!

Bethany said...

Excuse me, I need to grab a tissue....

Okay, I'm back. What a sweet post. There is something amazing about the father/daughter bond. What an example of love Matt is for your angel. When unconditional love is at home, there is little need to look for it in the wrong places. She is blessed to have you both as her parents. It's obvious you work hard to lay a firm foundation for her to grow on.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness that is precious!! What great pictures!! You could make this post into a coffee table book or something! Great job!


He & Me + 3 said...

What a great poem and series of pictures. Just precious. I love to see my girls with their Daddy. Nothing sweeter.

Michelle M. said...

What a beautiful post! How are you going to top that on Father's day ? :) Gorgeous!

Kathryn said...

thats was so cute! i loved the pictures!!

Carma Sez said...

simply beautiful-- what a close bond. Wishing the fathers of generation growing up had been like that!!

Mrs. B said...

oh my goodness, you have got me in tears! that was so cute and so precious. and i just don't think that miss alexa can get any more adorable!

rachel said...

adorable!!! what a great dad!

gianna said...

absolutely beautiful! seriously, it brought that feeling of "oh, i think i'm gonna cry." i have my two girls and when i watch their daddy with them, my heart just wells up. i totally understand that feeling. oh, and by the way, your whole family is BEAUTIFUL

Nieman Family said...

SHe has the prettiest red hair Ever!~