Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Things I Will Miss

Even though Summer isn't technically over for a couple more weeks, Labor Day is kind of the "unofficial" end of Summer. Which would mean Summer is over as we speak. This does not make me happy. There is always a few really nice days throughout September and even into October though so no worries yet, right!? Besides, Fall can be a really great season. In fact, it is one of my favorite seasons (you know, after Spring and Summer) and really the only bad thing about it is that it means Winter is next. Anyway, here are 10 things that I will miss about Summer:

1. Eating out on our deck. I love our back yard, we are on the edge of our development and our deck is looking out towards the woods. It's so peaceful and honestly who doesn't love eating outside in the fresh air. Bonus: No messy floor to clean up after dinner!

2. Water activities. We have spent a lot of our summer having picnics at the river, going to the beach, slip-n-sliding, and just hanging out at our house with the pool. Our kids love the water, they will totally miss it too!

3. Flip Flops. I am one of those people that break out the sandals at the very first sight of Spring...and once they are out there is no more socks for this girl. (Which can mean a couple days of super cold feet when our wonderful Midwest weather changes by 60 degrees in a day.) I don't even know how many pairs of sandals/flip flops I own. I have them in every color, even though honestly I wear my black Croc flip flops almost every day. (They are wonderful AND look nothing like original Crocs!)
4. Summer food. Nothing beats juicey watermelon and fresh corn on the cob.

5. Hosing down our highchair outside. No kidding, I do this sometimes on a daily basis. Braden is one and the highchair gets messy...enough said! I'm not going to really pick favorites on this list, but I would have to say this one might be really close to the top.

6. Walks. We go out walking a lot in the Summer. We walk to town, to the library, to the park, pretty much anywhere we can. My favorite is our Sunday walks with all 4 of us to the gas station to get a newspaper.

7. Storms. I love listening to the thunder and rain, especially during the night. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of our tornado sirens going off and 1 inch hail hitting our house but a good thunderstorm is awesome. Bonus: We don't have to water the lawn and it's green as can be!

8. Playgrounds. We spend so much time going to new and different playgrounds and also hanging out on our own swing set right in the back yard. It's a great inexpensive (FREE!) way to spend hours. Alexa and Braden could slide, swing and play in the sand forever if we let them. And being able to step right out our back door and swing anytime we want is awesome too...yes we have played in our sandbox many times while still in our jammies! :)

9. The sun. I love the long days of summer. The sun is up when you wake (well, sometimes) and it's stays out late. I love it. I don't like when it gets dark at 5:00pm, it's so depressing to me, and it makes me tired...I think.

10. My husband. The end of Summer means back to school Matt goes. It can be hard on all of us...Matt is so busy working full time and going to school and every week there is a 3 day period when we won't hardly even see him because he is gone all day. I miss him, the kids miss him and I know he misses us too. It can make for some long semesters but we make do and he will finally be done this coming May and we will have him all to ourselves again!

What does everyone else miss about Summer?
You know, unless you live in Texas and you have been waiting for Fall to come so you can go outside. :)


Nieman Family said...

That was so sweet...I'm gonna miss summer too. Did we even have a sunner in the midwest? Not my opinion...The Almanac says we are in for a horrible winter. :(

Amanda said...

I do enjoy summer... but much prefer fall!!! I loves me some sweater weather!!

Did you get the pictures I emailed you?


rachel said...

Hey Laura,
have i told you how much i *love* your blog??!! oh, that's right, i tell you that in every comment! :)

ok, i have lots to say about this post! :)

first, it was hilarious how you said fall was one of your favorite seasons when it's your third favorite! *hilarious!*

we LOVE eating outside, too and we also back to green space. it's been too hot to eat outside these days. but we sit outside once the sun goes down. and even in the summer here in TX we always eat outside when we go out for dinner. i love it!

i used to love flip flops too. i can't wear them anymore because that thing between the toes bothers my feet. i'm a delicate peach! :) and i had to laugh about how people in WI wear flip flops when it's way too cold for flip flops. people here wear sweaters and pants when it's in the 70s. seriously.

i love thunderstorms, too. we are currently in a extreme drought.

what is Matt studying in school?

Jen said...

I am going to miss some parts of summer, I don't like the warm weather. I LOVE fall and winter, I don't like that my girls are back in school, but I LOVE that I only work the hours they are in school. I love my summer food menu, but am looking forward to "dusting" off my fall menu. Love your blog. Jenny

Laura said...

Rachel, YOU crack ME up! :) I was going to mention your name as the "Texan" but didn't want to without your permission first, but I figured you would now it was you. :) SO true about the flip flop thing...40s is about the right temp to break them out and I'm SURE people down there would think we are CRAZY! (We are!)

Matt is going back for his MBA. I think he will finally be done after this one. He doesn't mind school too much (does that makehim a big dork?) and 3M is paying for it so he couldn't really say no to a deal like that! It's been along 4 years though!

Bethany said...

Hey Laura,
I had to ask too! All you do is copy the picture to your computer and then upload it. Cut and paste the wording underneath the pic and your good to go.

He & Me + 3 said...

Those were all great. I will miss so much too, but flip flops are a huge deal for me. LOve them. I try and wear them into fall as long as possible with my jeans and sweatshirts. I love them. Cute picture of you and Matt too.

Carma Sez said...

I miss sleeping in on non-work days the most :D

rachel said...

wow, i really was the Texan you were referring to?! i am so flattered! i was going to ask, but i didn't want to be presumptuous. :)

yay for matt for getting his MBA. i also love school. love it. i actually thought i was going to get my PhD and become a professor when Dan and i got married. i still think about it, but i would need to live in an area with a good phD program and that is not here. it's not meant to be... for now at least.