Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project 365: Days 35-52

Day 35 {2-4-12} Alexa spent the night at Gramma's house and Braden was loving the extra attention. (And cookies!)

Day 36 {2-5-12} Superbowl Sunday! I had been trying to get Callie to clap for weeks and nothing. She spends one football game with Matt and turns into a little pro. So cute.

Day 37 {2-6-12} I forgot that Alexa had to bring in her "mailbox" to school for Valentine's Day early, so we had to come up with something quick the night before. Thankfully I found heart jewels in our craft bin so we had a happy little girl.

Day 38 {2-7-12} Is there anything better than finding your baby sitting in the cupboard!?

Day 39 {2-8-12} Alexa was so proud of her ponytails she did herself.

Day 40 {2-9-12} When we found out Callie was a girl I had all these visions of my two girls all dressed up in matching outfits. (Yes, I love that!) Only problem is that Alexa is in big girl sizes. Occasionally though, I find a matching shirt or dress and of course I have to get it. <3

Day 41 {2-10-12} I have never found a mother's ring that I liked until one day I came across these stackable ones. Matt got them for me a couple weeks ago and I love them!

Day 42 {2-11-12} Callie is constantly on the move and getting into everything she shouldn't, so I don't know why I was so surprised when I found her somehow crawling behind our couch and back behind this table. She was pretty proud of herself.

Day 43 {2-12-12} Another hairdo by Alexa. :)

Day 44 {2-13-12} The kids love helping me bake!

Day 45 {2-14-12} Our littlest Valentine.

Day 46 {2-15-12} Just cleaning out the toy box. :)

Day 47 {2-16-12} I took Callie back to the doctor because I thought her ears were still bothering her. Sure enough, she still had a double ear infection. :( She has had it since her 9 month checkup. So now we are on our third round of antibiotics. Hoping it clears up soon!

Day 48 {2-17-12} On Fridays at our gym they set up bouncy castles, mazes, climby things and tunnels. The kids love it!

Day 49 {2-18-12} Last weekend I was able to meet up with some friends for lunch. We sat at the restaurant for almost 4 hours! So much fun.

Day 50 {2-19-12} Glow sticks in the tub. Perfect for loooong baths in the winter.

Day 51 {2-20-12} The new favorite hangout...Alexa's closet.

Day 52 {2-21-12} Braden swinging on the table. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Callie - 10 Months

Callie has been a busy girl the past few weeks, learning all kinds of new things.
I love this age so much, she is so much fun right now!

*So big
*Gives kisses (with tongue) :)
*Loves listening to music
*Starting to stand a little bit by herself
*Favorite foods: crackers and bananas
*Loves taking baths
*Says Dada and Mama
*Has 2 teeth

Day 34 {2-3-12} Teeth! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

After taking the summer off from swim lessons, Alexa has been back at the pool the past few months. She was SO happy to get back in the water and started right where she left off. They are moving her up to level 3 next week. She is going to be half the age of most of the other kids in her class! Maybe we have a future Olympian?? :)

This fall Braden started swim lessons too. We had no idea how it was going to go...he is nothing like his sister when it comes to water! The first day he barely put his feet in the water. And by the end of the first session (2 weeks long) he would get half his body in the water as long as he had a death grip on the side of the wall. Baby steps. He will now let go of the wall and get in with his instructors. And more importantly...he actually likes going!

Day 33 {2-2-12}

Project 365: Days 30-32

Day 30 {1-30-12} Last Friday Alexa had a 100 day of school party and had to bring a bag of 100 little things. I'm not even sure what they did with them. I love that they are always doing fun things like that for them!

Day 31 {1-31-12} We had a lunch guest. :)

(I also took this picture that day. Last day of January and it was 45 degrees out. LOVE it!)

Day 32 {2-1-12} Braden will hate me for this someday but I think it's so cute! :)