Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

On the Move

Last week Braden woke up and he must have thought to himself...

"Hmmm, I think maybe I will just start walking today."

So he did.

Up until last Wednesday he would only take one or two steps here and there but all the sudden he just took off. Now he walks around everywhere! Isn't a new walker one of the cutest things ever!? The little squat down when they are unsure, the way they hold their arms out for balance, their cute little baby waddle....just adorable.

September 23rd, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Build and Grow

If you live near a Lowe's you really should take your young kids there for a building workshop. I don't know if they are all the same but the one by us is every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00am. They give every kid an apron to wear (and keep) and at each session they have several different things that you can pick to build. Alexa has built a toolbox, a time capsule, a jewelry box, a flower pot and many other things. They also usually have seasonal things to build around Halloween, Christmas, etc. And after you finish each project they give you a little patch that coordinates with what you built that can be sewn on to your apron...we've seen some kids with just tons of them, it's so cute!

I'm not sure what the "recommended" ages are for this but Matt started taking Alexa when she turned two and even that young she really enjoyed it and actually could participate in the building too. I just think this is such a great thing to do with your kids. Mostly Matt takes Alexa so it's just an awesome way for them to hang out by themselves and do something different and fun. Also, Alexa always get so excited about what she made and can't wait to show me and anyone else she can. It's just all around a really fun thing for kids and their parents!

Here's Matt and Alexa getting ready to leave this past weekend.

This session had a special appearance by a local fireman and a fire truck. So the kids got to build their own little fire truck and then they got to visit with the fireman and sit in the truck. They also got a bunch of fun stuff...hats, tattoos, stickers, coloring books, etc.

Monday, September 28, 2009

There was kids...lots and lots of kids

Last week the kids and I got to go to a little boggy friend party at MckMama's house. I almost chickened out because I do not like going places by myself when I don't know anyone there. Although I did know one person and I kind of knew some others but only through blogging so I didn't really know them in person. Well, I went way out of my comfort zone and SO glad that I did! We had a such an awesome time. The kids had a blast and I met some really great women.

There was lots of mommies, babies, food, talking, laughing, lemonade, bouncing, screaming, jumping and kids...and by kids I mean A LOT of kids. Jennifer is a much braver woman to let all those little people run around her house for hours on end!

I finally got the chance to hold and cuddle up to this little guy.

If you think Stellan couldn't get any more adorable in his pictures you'd be wrong. He is such a little cutie, and so happy. I'm pretty sure he loved getting so much attention from all of us girls!

Alexa now asks on a daily basis when we get to go back to Jennifer's house to play with her friends and bounce on the trampoline. She played so hard she slept the whole way home and then crawled in bed and slept some more.

Braden had fun crawling around with all the other littlest little people and was all about watching the bigger kids bounce on the bouncy castles and run around him.

My IRL friend Amanda was also there and brought a little surprise for everyone. This cake...

And I don't think I could even explain how much of a hit this thing was. The kids loved it, the moms loved it. It was A.MAZ.ING! She said it was really easy to make...I don't know if I buy it. And YES it was a delicious as it looks!

I'm so happy I left my comfort zone, we had a lot fun! I can't wait to get together with our new friends again!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Girl CRACKS Me Up

Alexa is honestly one of the funniest kids I have ever met. The things she comes up with are just hilarious.

For example, the other day she comes up to me looking like this...

She tells me she is all ready for winter to come and she wants to go play in the snow. She was just so excited that she found her hat, scarf and gloves all herself that I just couldn't break the news that she was missing something. :)

That same afternoon when she was napping I went to check and see if she was sleeping and I find her like this...

This is the reason people need to have kids...they are just so funny!

Cousins and Cake

Our internet has been driving me crazy this past week. It has been very naughty but since we live in a town of less than 2000 people apparently that means that it is not a top priority and no one has seemed to be in a big hurry to do anything about it. Don't they know that I have blogging to do? :) Anyway I think it's fixed now, maybe...we will see.

Way last weekend, we had a birthday party for our adorable little niece who turned two. It was a beautiful day out and it was at a park and there was fruit snacks and cake so really I think our kids just thought we took a day trip to Heaven or something but they both had such a fun time! I think Olivia had a good time too and she got lots of great stuff! Of course with a bunch of kids there she had a lot of "help" opening her gifts.

The birthday girl eating her cake.

And here are some other cute pictures of the kids playing that day. I am so excited that Alexa and Braden have cousins close in age that they can play with and grow up with!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Now THAT'S a big baby!

Has everyone seen this story? Crazy!

An Indonesia woman named Ani gave birth to 19.2-lb baby yesterday in Medan, North Sumatra. The boy, Muhammad Akbar Risuddin, is among the heaviest babies ever delivered who survived.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was delivered by Caesarean section.

A gynecologist
who took part in the operation said the "special delivery" was no easy feat.

"This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his (mother's) womb. His legs were so big," Binsar Sitanggang said.

The boy is said to be healthy despite having to initially be given oxygen to overcome breathing problems.

Sitanggang described the baby as "extraordinary" in almost every way.

"He's got a strong appetite, every minute, it's almost nonstop feeding," he said. "This baby boy is extraordinary, the way he's crying is not like a usual baby. It's really loud.

19.2 pound
24.4 inches
(AP Photo/Andi Anshari)

Today Braden...

Can fit a whole piece of string cheese in his mouth.
Can't actually eat that said string cheese.

Can't make his nose stop running.
Can put up a good fight when I try to wipe it.

Can't go hunting or fishing with Daddy yet.
Can show him how much he loves him by greeting him every night with smiles and yelling DADA.

Can give the cutest kisses.
Can't give those kisses without making Mom go crazy about them.

Can't run around the house with Alexa.
Can take several steps by himself now.

Can ignore the cauliflower that was sitting on his tray.
Can't tell that I mixed the rest of it with his potatoes that he ate.

Can't lay still when I try to change his diaper.
Can be distracted briefly if sung to loudly or if I nibble on his feet.

Can sit and laugh at Alexa for hours.
Can't be learning the best things by trying to repeat everything she does.

Can't go to bed without Mommy singing You Are My Sunshine to him.
Can still sometimes complain about going to bed though.

Can crawl over the side of the tub to try to get in.
Can't do this new trick without getting a cut on his forehead.

Can't say I love you Mom.
Can still melt my heart with the look in his eyes when cuddling.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

For ME?

We survived our first week of Matt being back in school, but I have to admit that it was a little hard. I always get a little down when he goes back each semester and he's gone so much and the kids definitely miss him a lot too. He must have been able to sense our bummed-out-ness because Monday he was later than usual and the reason was: He stopped to get Alexa and me flowers! What a great surprise!

Alexa had been sleeping for hours already, but Tuesday morning Matt went to get her up and told her he had something for her out in the kitchen. I was downstairs getting ready but I could hear Alexa when she saw what it was.

"Those are for ME? I love them!!"

She was so happy. Then she started yelling for me to come upstairs so that I could take pictures of her and her flowers. :)

Getting flowers for no reason is the BEST!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

One of the most precious gifts from heaven above,
Is the gift of a daughter, for a Daddy to love.

A Father Loves His Daughter:

A father loves a daughter
Like no other love on earth.

From the day he first meets her
Nothing can compare her worth.

Forever they are bonded
With a love that never fails.

For always he will hug her
And kiss goodnight with fairy tails.

He will love her and protect her
With strong arms just in case

But will also hug her tenderly
With a fatherly embrace.

Eskimo kisses touch her nose
With a giggle and a squeeze

And that sparkle in her eyes
Could bring him to his knees.

What more could any father want
Than a daughter so sweet and pure

There's nothing in this world so rare
Of that he can be sure.

A fathers love is so unique
It cannot be replaced

He will always treasure times with her
And the memories embraced.

-Kristin Rose

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Passing on the Crazy

If you were to ask, some people may say I have a teensy weensy bit of OCD. Alright, I am lying. I totally know I have some problems but admitting it is always the first step right? If you were to look in my refrigerator everything would be in its spot, facing out (Unless Matt put it back, because he clearly does not realize everything has a specific spot.) All of our clothes in our closets are arranged by style and sometimes even color. Books, movies, toys...they all have to be going from largest to smallest. I was the girl in school who would go home and rewrite (sometimes more than once) all my notes I took in class so that it was all written out perfectly. It sometimes took me hours. Then I would go to school 30 minutes early the morning of an exam and cram, usually getting me a B or C...if I was lucky. Apparently it didn't bother me as long as my notebook was full of page after page of neatly written words. Ahhhh, the thought just makes me smile now.

Along with this "little issue" I may have is food. I do not like when my foods touch. Period. Until recently, I would barely eat a food that consists of more than one ingredient. Chili, gross. Chow Mien, yuck. Casserole, don't even get me started.

So here I was one day a couple years ago walking along the isles of my beloved Target and look what I just happen to stumble upon.

Cute? Yes. But does that have anything to do with why I got them? No. That's what other people may have thought, but me...I was like, "How perfect are these? 4 little individual spots, our children's food would never have to touch again, this could go down as one of the best days of my life!" Or something that doesn't sound so crazy now that I read it. Anyhoo, that's when it all started. My plate addiction. Now we have more of these plates then we will ever need. Here's just some, not including the ones in the sink, dishwasher, or our secret reserves...just in case someone comes and steals them...or they break, either one.

I'm really trying to not pass on too much crazy to my kids (okay, I'm actually not trying) but somethings I just can't help. I am totally up to the thought of helping them pay their way through therapy though , that's gotta make up for a little bit.

Anyone else have any craziness they are passing on to their kids?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009