Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today Braden...

Can fit a whole piece of string cheese in his mouth.
Can't actually eat that said string cheese.

Can't make his nose stop running.
Can put up a good fight when I try to wipe it.

Can't go hunting or fishing with Daddy yet.
Can show him how much he loves him by greeting him every night with smiles and yelling DADA.

Can give the cutest kisses.
Can't give those kisses without making Mom go crazy about them.

Can't run around the house with Alexa.
Can take several steps by himself now.

Can ignore the cauliflower that was sitting on his tray.
Can't tell that I mixed the rest of it with his potatoes that he ate.

Can't lay still when I try to change his diaper.
Can be distracted briefly if sung to loudly or if I nibble on his feet.

Can sit and laugh at Alexa for hours.
Can't be learning the best things by trying to repeat everything she does.

Can't go to bed without Mommy singing You Are My Sunshine to him.
Can still sometimes complain about going to bed though.

Can crawl over the side of the tub to try to get in.
Can't do this new trick without getting a cut on his forehead.

Can't say I love you Mom.
Can still melt my heart with the look in his eyes when cuddling.


Amanda said...

I *cant tell you how sweet this is.

Yes I *can.


He & Me + 3 said...

This is just too sweet. He is so adorable. Great job with this post.

Michelle M. said...

How sweet!! I love your posts. I keep forgetting to add you to my feed reader. I am going to do it NOW :) have a great day!

PotterMama said...

cute!!!!!!!!! they grow so fast =-( Keep recording everything! It makes me want to write down everything they do everyday!

Jen said...

How fun and cute. What a great way to capture what he is doing. Have fun with him.

Katrina said...

So sweet. I love posts like these. :)

Uncle Phill said...

Excellent, when did he finally start to walk?

Mrs. B said...

ok, you are seriously so clever! what a sweet/awesome/cute post! and YAY, for walking...that's big stuff!

rachel said...

love this post! so sweet!