Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zoo Fun

We normally go to the MN Zoo since we have a season pass and it's a lot bigger with more stuff to do, however last weekend we decided to go to the other zoo in town to switch it up. It also has a little mini amusement park thing which we ended up spending a lot of the day at. Matt and Alexa both got wristbands and I think she made him go on like 200 rides. I had to post pictures because they are just kind of funny. There's something about a 6'1" man sitting in a kiddie ride that looks comical.
He is such a great Daddy!

The Frog Hopper was definitely Alexa's favorite ride.  At one point they just let her stay on it because she just kept getting off and running around to the entrance gate again.

Alexa's favorite animals we saw...the penguins.

This is how Braden fell asleep halfway through the day, going to the zoo is exhausting!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What's On My Mind

I haven't blogged in forever and for some reason I have a lot to say tonight so if you don't make it through this whole thing I totally understand and will tell you here to have a wonderful weekend!!  If you do make it to the end, bless your heart. :)

This week we have had a couple chilly days.  Chilly as in waking up to temps in the low 50s and not getting above low 70s.  Although it was wonderful to have a little break from the heat and humidity and to be able to break out the jeans it's sad to think that Summer will start fading away soon.  I love having lots of beach and pool days and being able to get up and head to the park or zoo for the day and honestly, I don't know how I am going to entertain my children come winter.  They have gotten used to being on the go this Summer.  Time to scope out the indoor play stuff.

I keep saying that once Summer is over things will start calming down and everyone won't be so crazy but really as I have been making phone calls and setting up schedules I am realizing that the crazy is just starting.

We had planned on putting Alexa in the same Preschool that she was in last year again this year however to make a long story short, funding fell through somewhere and they won't be open this year.  After Matt and I thought about it and weighed our options we decided that instead of finding a different school in a different town that we would just keep her home this year.  Yes people, this means I am going to be homeschooling.  I bought some stuff and started planning out what we would work on and started a little bit this past week.  Well, come to find out I'm already boring her to death.  I bought Preschool and Pre-K stuff and a lot of that is working on writing and simple shapes and sounds which she can already do.  So I have no idea what I am going to do.  I think one of the main things I want to work on with her is starting reading.  Anyone know how to do that? :)  (I don't think I am cut out for this teaching stuff!)

Since she isn't going to be going to school we wanted to keep her involved in other things so she is starting up swimming lessons again in a couple weeks and instead of doing classes every other month I think I might keep her in every month.  She loves swimming and since we won't be outside doing it I think she will like that.  I also found a gymnastics program for her that I think she will really like that runs for about 3 months in the Fall and 3 months in the Spring.  I also wanted to get her into soccer but I think we might wait on that one.

Last year we joined a MOPS group but due to Alexa in school we just couldn't make it very often.  This year I really hope we can get back into it, it's such a great group!  I am also going to be back in Bible Study after taking the Summer off.  I am excited to be getting back into these groups, I think it will be good for me and the kids.

The MN State Fair started yesterday and I can't wait to go!  A friend of mine put something about having traditions with her kids on Facebook (while at the fair) and I couldn't agree more.  I love traditions even if it's a silly one like going to the State Fair every year.  Besides the kids are at such a fun age to do that kind of stuff with.

I have been in a major organization kick lately.  I am trying to go though cupboards and closets and TOYS!  The toys around this house is driving me crazy, probably because they always seem to be laying around everywhere.  Every time I get them all cleaned up I have the one toy out at a time discussion with the kids.  Clearly it's not working.  I have been trying to throw out all the broken and little junk toys and went through and got all the baby toys out and bagged up, it's still too much though.  I need a some TLC show to come and help me...or just a bigger house. :)

Okay, I'm sure I could go on and on but I won't bore you to death.
If anyone has any suggestions on the whole homeschooling thing I would really appreciate it!!
Or if anyone wants to come organize toys you are most definitely welcome to. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look Who's 2!

Last Friday was Braden's birthday. 
He is officially our little two year old...a cute one at that! :)

He woke up to balloons all over his floor from the Balloon Fairy.  This is definitely one of my favorite birthday traditions, seeing the look of excitement on their faces is priceless.  We woke up to hearing him on the monitor, "Mommy, mommy...bawoons allll over down der, mommy, mommy wow!"

The kids spent most of the morning playing around in entertainment, maybe we should do it more often! :)

Since his actual party wasn't until Sunday we couldn't just not do anything for his real birthday so that night my parents, bother, sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner, cake and a couple presents.  I think he liked all the attention!

I think he liked his ice cream cake too! :)

We also had his 2 year check-up this past Tuesday. 
The doctor said he speaks very well, is a super happy little guy and overall looks like everything is great.

Weight: 32 pounds (92 percentile)
Height: 2' 10.5" (53 percentile)
Head circumference: 20.51" (99 percentile)

We ended the appointment with a couple shots (thankfully the last ones until Kindergarten!)
I can't remember if he has ever cried at shots, maybe his very first appointment but he was always the one that just got really mad and then it was over.  This time he did, I heard him yell from out in the hall (yes, I leave the room and let Matt take care of the dirty work, I am a huge baby like that) but as soon as it was over I went in and gave him kisses and a sucker...all better! :)

It's still hard to believe this little guy is two already but it has been so much fun watching him grow into a little boy! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Braden!
Love You Forever!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Boy is Growing Up

Tonight I spent a lot of extra time snuggling with and singing to this little boy before bed.

Tomorrow he will be 2.

Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday Eve Baby Boy!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am having a hard time blogging these days...can you tell!? :)  We haven't been doing anything too fantastic but we are staying pretty busy just enjoying Summer.  When you live in WI you never know when Summer will be gone, it comes and goes too fast.  We have been spending lots of time outside...fairs, parades, parks, pools, you name it we're doing it.  The kids are loving every second of it and I have no idea how I am going to keep them busy this winter. :)  So I apologize to those who actually care and have been waiting for a blog update...ahem, Nana! (My grandma) :)  I will try to do better but it's hard sitting on a computer when it's so nice out.

A couple weeks ago we went camping up at Duluth with some good friends.  We had SO much fun!!  I was curious as to how the kids would do but they did perfect and loved every second of it.  Matt and I used to camp pre-kids but we have never taken them.  Not sure why, I think we just thought a hotel room would be better for them (or me!) :)

We were going to rent a pop-up camper but a couple weeks before leaving our friends asked us if we wanted to use theirs.  Ummm, YES!  Matt was pretty pumped to be saving the money on renting one and I was just happy to not have to use a's a rental people, you have no idea what happens in those things!  Gross.  So anyway, it was perfect.  We have been throwing around the idea of getting one of our own so it was nice to try one out and see how we liked it.  We liked it. :)

I am kind of bummed that I didn't get many pictures but that always means that we were having too much fun to break out the camera so it's okay.  Here's a few from a little day trip we took into town.

There was 3 other families that were with us and 10 kids between everyone and they all had a blast!  We were in the perfect group camping spot that had lots of room for the little ones to run and play, and that they did!  Braden loved being able to get a dirty as he could...

Going camping is one of my best memories of a kid and I hope to make it something our kids remember too.
This is definitely something we will be doing much more of next year!
Thanks Tina and family for letting us tag along, can't wait to go again! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010