Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Apple Farm

I thought that I never liked Fall but I think that I actually always have, I just could never admit it.  Of course I am sad to see Summer go but I really do love this time of year.  The leaves changing color, apple picking, pumpkin patches, hot cocoa and apple cider, warm fires, crunchy leaves, hoodies...I love it all!  Maybe I am just realizing it more now that I have kids, everything seems more fun with kids doesn't it!?  Besides, I think the only reason I don't like it is because I know the negative 30 degrees is right around that corner.  Now THAT I don't like!

Last week we went to a local apple farm that we go to every year.  And although they didn't have pony rides this year, Alexa quickly got over the disappointment of that with all the other stuff we were able to do.

Of course we did some apple picking...

and eating!!

The kids loved feeding the goats...

And climbing the fences.

We also went on a hayride, went through the maze, climbed in the hay bails and ate apple brats for lunch.  And the weather was perfect for it all...beautiful and sunny but a little chilly!

Happy Fall!! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby #3 - 12 Weeks

This is the last pregnancy post for awhile, promise. :)

So it seems like there is a lot of pregnant people in blogland these days and so many of them do this and I think it's such a cute idea.  I have never really kept a pregnancy journal before and I have hardly any belly pics when I was pregnant with Alexa and not many early belly pics with Braden so I decided that I wanted to do better this time around.  I probably won't do this every week but every once and awhile to show the progress.  I also didn't want to post a picture yet because I feel like I am really big already and just look fat instead of pregnant but then I figured whatever. :) 

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of baby: About 2 1/2 inches long

Weight Gain: 0

Maternity Clothes: I wore a pair of maternity pants once but other than that, nope.  I just went through some bins this weekend and found all my maternity stuff and realized that the majority of the it is for Summer so I will eventually have to get some new tops.  I hate spending money on maternity clothes though so I won't be getting much, besides I have tons of hoodies I can wear this Winter. :)

Gender: ???

Movement: None yet but I can't wait, I love that feeling!

Sleep: I am always so tired but I feel like I have insomnia or something, many nights I lay in bed tossing and turning and can't sleep.  

What I miss: Over easy eggs and deli meat, I would love a Subway sandwich right now!  (Yes, I am one of those people that avoid all the foods they tell you to avoid.) :)

Cravings: Fresh fruit

Symptoms: Starting to feel much better with the morning sickness thing, I love being able to eat dinner with my family again. :)  I feel like I am getting more tired recently though...maybe because I can't sleep!?

Best moment this week: Telling everyone we're pregnant. :)

What I'm looking forward to: My next doctor appointment, I love hearing that little heart beat!  We have also been looking for a bedroom set for Braden so we can get him transferred before the baby gets here, I can't believe my baby boy is going to be in a big boy bed.

Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little More on Baby B

First of all I have to say Thank You so much for all the sweet comments!!  We are so very excited about our new little babe!  I have been just a tad bit emotional lately and you all brought tears to my eyes with all your excitement and sweet words.  Speaking of being emotional (I didn't think I was so bad but don't ask my husband he might give you a different answer!)  So I had totally forgotten that Patrick Swayze had passed away until a couple weeks ago I picked up a copy of US magazine and there was a little "1 year later" tribute.  So there I was on the treadmill in the middle of the gym crying, totally not awkward at all.  Is there seriously a better classic movie than Dirty Dancing!?

So anyway, I am just about 12 weeks and our due date is April 10th.  We have a Summer and a Fall baby so the Spring addition will be perfect. :)

Here are a couple of the most common questions I have gotten so far...

How are you feeling?
It's funny that this is almost the very first question that everyone asks when they find out your they don't already know.  (Except for those lucky women who don't get sick when pregnant.  Don't tell me if you're one of those because chances are I won't like you anymore.)  So yeah, I haven't exactly found a nice way to say, "I feel like total crap so stop breathing in my face before I puke on you." so I just usually say, "Kind of icky but it should be gone soon." 
It really has been a couple of rough months that's for sure but now that I am close to the second trimester I am slowly starting to feel better each day.  I am so thankful I have such an awesome husband who comes home and cleans up after dinner (and many nights even makes dinner) then plays with the kids and gives them baths all while fetching me saltines and water.  I was telling him a few weeks ago that I don't know if I actually feel worse this time around or if it's just because I am home versus at work.  With my other pregnancies I was working and could sit at my desk and eat my crackers in peace but now that I am home and have a couple very active little ones who don't understand that I am not feeling that great, I don't get much resting done.  I won't complain though, I am blessed to be home and love being here...besides I have been taking advantage of nap time and usually curl up on the couch too. :)

Are you going to find out the sex?
NO!  Well that's the plan at least.  I have always wanted to not find out and I completely agree when people say that it's the biggest and best surprise you will ever get.  Being such an anal person though I have to be prepared and organized so I just couldn't do it with the other two.  This time though we have everything we will need for either one so it is the perfect opportunity to be surprised!  Besides, it's a third so all we really need is a couple of onesies and diapers, right. :)  
(Side note: onesies always comes up on my spell check, is it not a real word??)

What do you want it to be?
It does not matter, all I pray for is a healthy little baby!!  But honestly I want both. :)

How did you decide to have another?
Well approximately two and a half hours after giving birth to Braden I knew I wanted another.  It took a little longer to convince Matt though.  Don't get me wrong, he is very excited and completely on board with having this new little peanut and I honestly don't think actually having another child was ever that much of a problem for him but like I said before he is such a man and has to be all logical about things.  Like, where are we going to put the baby?  Well lucky for him he has a fabulous wife to take care of all the details and after some measuring and a couple phone calls we will soon have another bedroom in this house.  Voila, somewhere to put the baby. :)  In all seriousness though he is "ecstatic and very happy" about it. (his words)  He also said "it's going to be a walk in the park!"  (I don't quite know what he is referring to on that one.  Haha)

Thank you again so much for all the wonderful words and prayers!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Our newest bundle of joy!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Waterpark Capitol of the World

A couple weeks ago we went on a little getaway to WI Dells.  (It seems like forever ago but I wanted to post pics anyway.)  We have been going at least once a year for the past few years and it is by far one of our favorite vacations we take!  It is so much fun watching the kids, they get so excited and just love every minute of it.  Alexa had so much fun this year.  Many of the big water slides require that you be 42 inches to ride and she cleared that by a couple inches this year.  I was pretty surprised by all the stuff she did...anything she could go on, she did.  She is definitely our thrill seeker child!

There's a lot of pictures on this post and they also aren't very good quality at all.  I only took our little point and shoot knowing that I wouldn't take our big camera with us anywhere because I wasn't going to leave it with our stuff while we were off playing.  I missed the nice camera though, it would have taken such better pictures.  Oh well.

First of all I have to show you our "hotel room."  If you are ever going anywhere where you are staying at a resort of hotel you should check out Craigslist.  We found this place though a timeshare thingy on there and we barely paid more than we would have for a 2 queen bed hotel room.  We had an entire 2 bedroom suite, it was awesome!

Here's just part of our master bathroom.  I could have just stayed in there the whole time!

Here's the kitchen, fully equipped with everything we needed.  It's nice to be able to bring all the food you'll need and cook right there instead of going out for every meal.

And the living room...the door on the left goes to the big balcony.  Seriously, check out Craigslist...good deals!!

This pretty much sums up Alexa the whole time we were there, she couldn't get enough water park fun.

Matt took Alexa up to go on these slides and as I was watching people come down I kept thinking that I should quick run up and stop her because I didn't think she would like it (you had to lay on your stomach and people were getting water sprayed all over their faces on the way down) and as I kept thinking that all the sudden I hear some kid squealing the whole way down...yup, it was her.  She loved it and wanted to go over and over.

Braden was happy watching for the most part.  Definitely our less daring child (for now) he liked floating around the two story lazy river and going down the little slides with me.  He had a blast!  I just had so much fun watching them both get so excited about everything the whole week, it was so cute!

Every time we go to the Dells we go out to eat one night and the past couple years it has been to Buffalo Phil's.  They have train tracks running through the whole place and they actually deliver your food on the little trains.  Alexa though it was so cool to take her own drink off of the train when it stopped at our table.  When they weren't delivering food they would drive the trains around with different characters or fun stuff on them, all the kids there loved watching them...what a fun job for the cooks, we were sitting right behind the wall from them and you could hear them laughing at times!

And at night when we were all watered out there was a huge 3 story indoor climbing thing, the kids spent hours in there running around.