Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For ME?

We survived our first week of Matt being back in school, but I have to admit that it was a little hard. I always get a little down when he goes back each semester and he's gone so much and the kids definitely miss him a lot too. He must have been able to sense our bummed-out-ness because Monday he was later than usual and the reason was: He stopped to get Alexa and me flowers! What a great surprise!

Alexa had been sleeping for hours already, but Tuesday morning Matt went to get her up and told her he had something for her out in the kitchen. I was downstairs getting ready but I could hear Alexa when she saw what it was.

"Those are for ME? I love them!!"

She was so happy. Then she started yelling for me to come upstairs so that I could take pictures of her and her flowers. :)

Getting flowers for no reason is the BEST!


Mrs. B said...

aw, what a guy! i can just imagine that it's super tough to manage things by yourself when he's in school, but (and you probably hear this A LOT) it'll be SO worth it when he's done and that's not too far off! great pictures! and MK shouts @ me to take her picture thousands of times a day. they know us well, don't they!? ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

what an awesome guy you have there and to bring some home for his queen and princess...that much sweeter. Beautiful flowers.

Amanda said...

Yeah matt!! I LOVE the thoughtfull and genuine gesture of his love for his family. You are so blesssed!!


Carma Sez said...

such a thoughtful guy!! And I love that your daughter wanted her picture with them. She is very appreciative - sweet..

Sonya said...

what a good daddy!! that melts my heart!

Gramma said...

Matt...You are SUCH a wonderful Daddy to my Grandbabies,and a great Husband to my Daughter!!
I am blessed to call you my Son...Love You

Nieman Family said...


Michelle M. said...

How sweet!!