Monday, August 24, 2009

Braden at ONE

Today we had Braden's one year check-up. He did very well as we waited for the nurse and then the doctor...and even came out with a pretty cool dinosaur tattoo. There were no concerns or issues and he seems to be right on track for his age. And I'm also pretty sure our pediatrician told us he was the cutest little boy he has ever seen...or maybe not, I can't remember. :) Anyway, here are the stats on his growth:

Height - 30.5 inches (69th percentile)
Weight - 26 pounds (87th percentile)
Head Circumference - 19.5 inches (99th percentile)

Apparently he has been losing weight the past 3 months, which is not a big surprise with how nonstop he is at all waking moments. Also, large head.

Braden -
At 12 months old you:

Have 6 teeth with 2 more getting close.
Talk all the time.
Yell a lot with a high pitch squeal.
Point at everything and everyone.
Clap when you are excited.
Make your mouth into a circle and say "Ohhhhh"
Greet Daddy at the gate when he comes home.
(He loves that!)
Cover your eyes when we say “where’s Braden”

Love to eat and are trying new things all the time.
Nursing 3 times a day.
Tried Whole Milk but don’t like it...yet.
Bounce up and down when you “dance”
Like to put your finger up your nose.
Love playing peek-a-boo.
Sometimes have separation anxiety from mom.
Shake your head if you hear the word 'no'
Love your blue blanky.

Like taking baths.
Can actually flirt with girls already.
(We’re in trouble!)
Are becoming more independent when you play.
Love banging things on the hard furniture.
Go to sleep around 8pm.
Wake up about 6am.
Take 2 naps a day – about 1 to 2 hours each.
Have many nicknames including:
Baby Guy, Lil B, Brad-O, & Buddy.
Stand by yourself very well.

Just took your very first step. (Aug. 23)
Have such blonde hair that seems to get lighter all the time.
Love watching Alexa and are starting to want to play with her.
Still very ticklish.
Don’t like to lay still to be changed.
Found your “boy parts”
Climb up on everything you can.
Are still a huge Mama’s boy.
Laugh a lot – such a happy baby.
Love any toy that has a ball.
Enjoy being outside, especially swinging or going on walks.

All done
Milk (cutest thing ever!)

Bawwwh (ball)
bah-bah (bye-bye)
Hah (hi)

We can't believe you have been with us for a year already. Time seems to be flying by but we are enjoying every second of it with you. We love you more than you will ever know and we are so blessed to be your parents!
Mommy & Daddy


He & Me + 3 said...

What a super cute post. He is just precious. I thought mine sign language too. I love the sign for milk as well. WE used that for nurse too:)

Uncle Phill said...

Love you tons, lil Mr. B-den McChubs-a-lot!

Mike and Katie said...

He's so cute!!! My boys did the same thing. They hit a maximun weight (25-27 lbs) at 8-9 months and thankfully began to slim down.

Mrs. B said...

what is up with boys and flirting!? i swear it's one of the first things they learn! =)
and YAY, for the new walking skills-you have one cute little man on your hands there!

Deanna said...

YAY Braden!! You are getting so big so fast!

Sonya said...

He is so cute. I love all the pictures!!

Amanda said...

This is such a wonderfully thought out and organized and detailed description of your little man... way to go mom!! You have inspired me!


Roz said...

Cute! You make me realize I need to take more photos of my kids when they are sleeping in their beds! The photos make me melt! Great post!

rachel said...

oh that is too sweet! what a big boy! as always, he is adorable and perfect!!!! we did lots of sign with jude and it was so fun! indi took to it less because she was more verbal than jude and her spoken language developed much more quickly. jude probably knew 200 signs! but his *favorite* sign was milk!