Monday, August 31, 2009

How Much Cuteness Can You Fit In One Swing?

My friend, Amanda and I took our kids to Pioneer Park in Stillwater for a picnic and some playing last week, the hot spot was definitely the swings. Who would have known you could fit so many cute chubby appendages into a single baby swing. Yum!

Would it really surprise anyone to know that the drinking fountain was the funnest part of the park?

Yeah, I didn't think so! :)


He & Me + 3 said...

They are so cute and apparently you can fit a whole lot of cuteness into one swing. They are adorable and so chubby! LOve it! Tell Amanda Hi!

Amanda said...

lol I LOVE those pictures... I have to go through mine yet. Hopefully today or tomorrow!

So... I'm open Tues. Wed. if you want to invite us over. And MOn. and Tues. and Wed. and Friday of next week too!!

Of course. We will both be busy next, next Thursday morning right??? PLEASE tell me your gonna be in Bible study!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (really.. do I have to beg?)

Later girly!

Bethany said...

I never thought of putting babies in back to back. Fun! I could just eat those baby legs up. My word. Lots of good eatin' there. (Kidding, totally kidding.)

Anonymous said...


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Carma Sez said...

they are all precious!! And PLEASE PLEASE tell Amanda you are going ;-)

rachel said...

good times! and those thighs are irresistible!

Emily said...

Hey just found your blog while hopping from one to another.

That is so cute (and cool) that the two babies could share the swing - I took a one year old to the park recently and was noticing how the swing was so big for her.