Thursday, August 20, 2009

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Paper work is all signed and sent.
It's official, this little girl....

Is starting school this fall!
And she is SO excited about it!

We weren't really sure if we should get her into school yet considering she won't even be 3 for a couple more months but she is just so ready, and really, who are we to hold her back from becoming as smart as she can be. :) We went and toured quite a few schools and talked to many different teachers and figured that she is just at a good point developmentally to start. I didn't think we would ever be doing the whole school thing so early but I have to say I am actually really excited about it and for her. Alexa talks about going to school every day, she just can't wait! She absolutely loved going to "school" (aka daycare) before when I was working because she loved seeing all her friends and doing all kind of projects and singing and reading. Besides she listens and learns so much better for her teachers than for do homeschooling moms do it? :) As much as I would love to do that it is just so not for us, at least not right now however we did found out after we moved to our little town that it is like the third best district in the state which is pretty cool. Not sure what that means but it sounds good, right! :) So now we need to pack up her little backpack with all her supplies and pick out her first day outfit and this little princess will be heading off to preschool! FUN!


Sonya said...

Yay for starting school! That is a big step!

Bethany said...

I'm glad you all found a school. Okay, that sounded really lame, but I meant it! I hope she has lots of fun and you and Braden have lots of fun times together while she's there.

Amanda said...

Yeah!! Thats super exciting!! Colton beged me to go to church today to see his friend! :(

We gotta get together soon... I may have to call you next week!!


He & Me + 3 said...

Yea for preschool. She will have so much fun!

Uncle Phill said...

Cool. So is pre-school really a big deal now days? I sure don't remember even having a backpack while going to Children's Farm. I think that was concidered a pre-school.

Laura said...

Amanda - Alexa misses the boys too! We met my mom for lunch today and she was like "and Colton and Parker will be there" :)

Phill - yeah it's a little different from when we went! I was surprised at how many schools we found that even take kids that young! People want to get them learning younger and younger I guess. But don't worry I think it will be lots of fun stuff too! :) Oh, and I looked into Children's Farm too, would have loved to send her there but the price was a lot more and we just couldn't do it.

Carma Sez said...

I bet she'll enjoy it!! She looks happy as can be. My son still remarks on how fun preschool was since all they had to do was play and eat - and that was 10 years ago :D

BTW, you just never know when the belly dance drama will heat up again so don't be disappointed ;-)

Mrs. B said...

EXCITING! she's one smart cookie!