Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Highs and Lows

High: My mom, step dad and sister finally came home after lounging on the beaches of Hawaii for the past two weeks.

Low: Matt started his weekend winterm class for his MBA. Gone all day Friday and Saturday this whole month. :(

High: I made homemade turkey soup for the very first time (with my moms help) and it actually turned out good!

High: We went to a new church yesterday and really liked it...can't wait to go back next week!

Low: I didn't work out once all weekend. (But I am so back on track today!)

Low: The Packers lost a big game yesterday. Not so much a low for me, more for the hubby. It was a sad sad day yesterday.

High: We went out to dinner Saturday night and the kids were great.

High: The weather is finally warming up...we're out of the negatives! We are suppose to even get up in the 30s this week, woohoo! :)

Low: I didn't get the background to this blog changed yet. :)

Did you have a high or low this weekend?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!! :)


He & Me + 3 said...

Lots of highs and lows. I went scrapbooking and got 52 pages done. Woo hoo. That is a record for me.
Isn't it nice when you got out for dinner and the kids are so good...makes it that much more yummy:)

Kate said...

I love me some turkey soup.

Glad you found a church you liked. Love that you can't wait to go back :-)

Ode to Motherhood said...

Let's see...the high - I found out I lost weight (10 lbs) even though I wasn't trying to lose any. The's freezing over here! :D

Uncle Phill said...

High: Found a home we really liked on Friday. Decided to write an offer today!

Low: Found out the bank had already accepted someone's offer the day we viewed it! =(

Tyler said...

nothing better than finding a church that makes you want to go back! I love our church it leaves me wanting more every week! :)

Sorry the man will be in class al month but hopefully it will pay off in the end :)

Have a great week girlie

Kami said...

What a wonderful blessing that you found a church you like! That makes for a very big weekend high! :)

My weekend had a few highs, too, including building a fire in our fireplace for the FIRST time since I moved in (over a year ago), spending almost all day long reading a book next to said fireplace with my step-daughter, baking a birthday cake for my now FOUR year old and celebrating his fabulous day on Sunday!

Unfortunately, there were a handful of lows, too, which I won't share! :)

Thanks for this update - it's fabulous!

Katrina said...

Our high was visiting with family and sledding.

Our low (or Ethan's) was also football related. Patriots lost-- big time. He's in a serious funk. ;)

Pennie said...

Great that you tried out a church you like! I keep hearing good things about Rock Point. Have you heard about that one?

3LittleMonkeys said...

High: Weather has been warm so the boys were able to play outside.
Low: The Packers lost!

Helga said...

High: Had a really nice weekend with the boys. We enjoyed each others company.

Low: Hubby is not here and I miss him :o(

I wish I was just coming back from Hawaii...ooohh what a nice break that would be :o)

Sonya said...

Don't you love it when you go out to eat and the kids behave! I am always so nervous about going to a restaurant because I never know how she is going to act. What am I going to do with 2???? I have been asking myself that alot lately. Guess it is too late for that though. :)

blueviolet said...

We're in the 30's here too all week and it's funny that it feels warm!

Heidi said...

Yeah for a great church..

Weekend hi- My girls are finally understanding that night times are for sleeping.

Lo- It's not quite as cold here as there but it's still really cold..

The weatherman is calling for a heat wave, we might be in the 50's by Friday. Break out the bathing suits and tanning oil. :o)

Jen said...

Hang in there, Jan. is a LONG month already, with the dreaded subzero temps, and then with Matt gone, ugh. But hey, Jan. is almost half over!
Highs: Quality time with family and friends.
Low: TOO SHORT! oh, and it was cold. I want to go sledding with the kids, hopefully this weekend.
Good for you on the soup, we love homemade turkey soup, maybe you can share the receipe sometime. Have a good day!

Jen said...

Come on over to my blog, I have an award for you!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Great idea! Sorry your hubby will be gone so much this month. My hubby also had a similar graduate school schedule. And it was hard because he was gone all week on top of it. But it worked out as he now has his masters degree.

My high this past week was being able to actually speak through the computer to my hubby while he is in Afghanistan and my low is just missing him so much I hurt. I really hurt. I've been having these awful migraines and I know it's because he's gone.

Enjoy your week! Hoping there's more highs than lows!

Emma and Company said...

Mmmmm, that turkey soup sounds wonderful!! My high was that Emma said Papaw for the first time!! I am so excited about that and now I can't think of any lows, I guess that's a good thing!

Brianne said...

I like coming here to get my little does of christmas!

And yay for eating out with good children! Ha!

My high- hubby let me sleep in until 11 on sunday!

Gramma said...

My high...coming home from Hawaii
My low...coming home from Hawaii!!
My BIGGEST High was seeing those babies of yours on Sunday and the HUGE hugs I got when I did see them!!
I sure didn't help much with the did it!! Good Job!!
You can come hang out here any time you want when Matt is at school!!

Lindsay said...

Turkey Soup. I bet my hubby would like that : ) You should post the recipe which would go along with the post that I just wrote surprisingly : )

And going out to diner where the kids were great - I am so jealous. We never go out because that is the one thing that Ryan HATES to do.

Cute post : )

carma said...

if I could remember what I did this weekend I'd let you know. (no I wasn't drinking - it just must have been THAT uneventful) I say you should keep the candy canes up all year :D

The Unkept Cook said...

love the highs and lows! Bummer that your hubby will be out for hte weekends--but it'll pay off soon!

from the weekend:
High: Get R Done Club!
Low: still living like a refugee
High: stuffin' mushrooms
Low: calories from the stuffin' mushroom makeover (which included alot more cheese sauce :)

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Turkey soup sounds good!

Arizona Mamma said...

Gettin back on track is always so important! Oh, and it was a miserably sad day around here when the Packers lost. My husband is a die hard fan!

mrs. b. said...

i love this post! of course, i don't love the lows for you, but i love the idea. VERY cute and super creative!

and honestly? i LOVE your chrsitmas layout! everytime i come to your page, it's like my fave time of year all over again! :)

miss ya!

Mike and Katie said...

High- My contractions and pelvic pain have really settled down.

Low- They have been replaced by swelling in my hands feet and sinuses.

High- We have baby boy clothes in case this baby is a boy.

Low- Christiana screamed when a potential babysitter tried to give her a bottle.

But life is good and we are thankful!