Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting to know You

Keely over at MannLand5 does this little thing called Getting to know you on Sundays. And since I am procrastinating on doing anything right now I thought I would join in. Who doesn't love reading more about people anyway...I do, but I'm nosey like that. :)

1. Where were you born?

St. Paul, MN

2. Toilet you crinkle/crumple or fold it?
FOLD of course! It's an OCD thing I'm sure.

3. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
No Country For Old has been a long, long, LONG time since we have gone out to a movie, obviously....isn't that movie like 3 years old? Probably a good thing too since movie theater popcorn is way too yummy, can't stop myself. Also, that movie was like the weirdest movie EVER!

4. What room to you spend the most time in besides your bedroom?
Hmmm, I don't think there's one specific room. During the day the kids and I go from living room to Braden's room to toy room to Alexa's room to kitchen....the attention span isn't very long around here!

5. Would you be grossed out if you found out your husband/boyfriend/significant other hadn't brushed their teeth for 4 days and you had been snogging (kissing) them?
Snogging?? haha, where did that come from? Anyway, YES of course! That is completely disgusting!

6. Do you fold your underwear?

7. What is one goal you would like to achieve this year?
Start running. I wrote about this in my new year resolution post that still hasn't made it's way up...I've been lazy lately, can you tell from the background!? :) Anyhoo, I want to get healthier in general but I really want to start running and do races. Someday I think it would be so cool to say I finished a marathon, but I think I'll start with some 5Ks.

8. What is your favorite month/least favorite month?
Least favorite would be a tie between January and February. My birthday is even this month but I still hate it because of the cold! I never really thought about it before but I guess for my favorite I would pick June. Or May. Or even July. I love Spring and Summer!


MannMom3 said...

Wahoo! Thanks for playing Laura! should leave your Christmas background up all month..;-)

Running is the best!! Once you start you won't wanna stop and definitely having a goal with running is a great thing..Great way to motivate..

Snogging came from a movie I watched the other night with my daughter..they were British..

3LittleMonkeys said...

Yes I agree, that movie was so bizarre! Thanks for sharing!

He & Me + 3 said...

I just left someones blog that did this same one. LOL about the toilet paper question. :) I don't think I ever even heard of the movie. I dislike January and February too. Way too cold

Katrina said...

This is a fun idea! I started following the Couch to 5k over the summer and had a lot of fun with it. I did it with my sister so it was nice to push each other to our goals.

I think I'm going to fill this out now! :)

sarah kay said...

so i totally loved the post...i might just have to steal it and try it out for myself. thanks.

btw, you are a riot and always seem to make me laugh!!

Jenni said...

LOL at Snogging? Who came up with that word?? Weird!

i'm from Az and we hate the cold, well I can;t speak for all but I know I do!! Ugh.. It gets below 60 and I'm freezing!! hahah

Hope you have a Great New Year!!

carma said...

mosey on over to my place when you have a sec ;-)

Jenny said...

Cute post! I'm too lazy to do it but I enjoyed reading yours!

Bethany said...

That's such a fun idea. It's fun to learn about my bloggy buddies. :)
I can tell you are from the northern midwest. July is not a fun month in my state. The weather men have a term "muggly" for the really bad days.

Tyler said...

now lookie here missy if blondie over here had to work for like two days to fix her christmas blog then I expect the same from you ;)

I hate me some cold weather too and I dont even live up there in frozen tundra land.. i cant believe how cold it has been up there the past two days.. bbrrrr

ps fold underwear is CRA.ZY ;)

Tina Fisher said...

Yes, folding underwear is crazy!

But's awesome! So ready to get in gear too! :)

And I also know how lazy feels these days. I think tomorrow we'll feel less lazy!


Jen said...

great post! Might have to borrow this for tomorrows post! Have a great night!

Cindy said...

This was my first time playing too! I enjoyed your answers!

One of my goals is to start running and do a 5K too!

It was nice to "meet" you!

Stacey said...

You need to go see a movie,girl! I need to get my booty in shape too!

Arizona Mamma said...

Hey, thanks for reading and commenting on my post! I am not a big runner, but I have done a 5K, and I try to run at least twice a week. Only about two miles each time, I said, I am not a big runner.

Pennie said...

I'll play this one next time...without the tp question (call me chicken) lol!
Never heard of snogging! What??? :)
You need to go to the movies, Laura! THAT should be your goal! lol...that movie was a LONG time ago! I heard Blind Side is a GREAT one! Do you rent DVD's? Or are you just not a movie person?
I'd love to learn to like running. I just can't seem to keep up the stamina! I WANT to be a runner. I joined the YMCA. I can walk - long, fast, far, long. I can run for short bursts. I hope to be able to run for a long time at some point. Maybe I just need to continue...

Helga said...

I want to be a runner too. I have always wanted to be a runner but I don't like running!!! Well it's not that I don't like running, I just get so worn out and out of breath. I told my husband that I want a treadmill so I can become a runner.

happygal said...

Fun to read this. I never knew anyone folded toilet paper until I had my oldest son. Still baffles me, but good to know he isn't alone :)

Shay said...

cute! I'm gonna steal it mama!

mrs. b said...

fun! i totally fold, too. DEFINITELY an ocd thing. haha! i'm so super jealous of your running endeavors! i am sure you will do just awesome, and maybe one day i'll get off my lazy butt and do something good like that, too! maybe.;)

Michelle M. said...

It was fun to read your answers. I hope the running goes well! I need to start exercising, I keep saying that I will do it when the baby starts sleeping, but he is 4 months old now. I think i am going to have to give up on that idea and just start.

Brianne said...

Good luck with your running. I am going to start saving for a treadmill, even a used one! I don't need anything fancy! Good luck again and keep us posted with your progress!

MP said...

Too bad we don't live a bit closer and we could go running together! Who knows, maybe motivation through Twitter will be enough. :)

dan and rachel said...

girl, you gotta move to texas! then your birthday month would be your favorite month. :)