Saturday, January 16, 2010

5 Question Friday

Better late than never, right?
I'm joining in on Mama M's 5 Question Friday.
Go check it out here if you want in on the fun. :)

1. Worst trouble you ever got into as a teenager?
Trouble? Never. :) Okay there was that one time that me and a couple friends did the whole 'spending the night at each others houses' thing and then went to a party at some random college guy's house. It was horrible and dumb and I can't believe my mom didn't kill me when she found out. Sorry mom!! Now that I have my own kids I look back at some of the choices I made back in the day and it makes me sick. What are the chances my kids will learn from my mistakes instead of making their own? :)

2. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Night, for sure!! The only bad thing about that is that my children are very early risers and our thoughts on the whole sleeping in a little bit differ big time.

3. Are you a one-handed or a two-handed texter?
One handed. My phone doesn't have a key pad...also, the other hand usually has a kid or something in it anyway.

4. Democrat, Republican, or Independent...or maybe even Green Party (whatever that is.)
I hate politics and to be honest I don't really follow them much. If I had to pick a party though it would be Republican. But really I think they all kind of suck. Is there such a thing as a good, honest politician?

5. Are you a pet person?
I used to think I was, in fact I begged Matt to let me get a puppy a few years back. Then we got pregnant and he made me choose the kid or a puppy. I know, nice, huh? I thought long and hard about it...okay, obviously I am kidding! :) Now I am glad we never got one, potty training kids and keeping them out of stuff is hard enough, I would hate to have to do that with a dog too!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. My mom is taking the kids tonight so that Matt and I can have a date night and I am super excited! :) Also, thank you SO MUCH for all the sweet birthday wishes...I had a great day!! :)


Tyler said...

I worry all the time about that. I wish I could make all the mistakes and Emma just learn from them. The thought of her going to parties and such just makes me sick at my stomach. Of course she will prob do it.. thats a part of growing up and making decisions but oh so scary from the parent end of things!

So glad you had a great day yesterday.. hope you have a wonderful date night tonight!! ENJOY IT!! :)

Pennie said...

Ooooo - a date night! How fun! I really hope you have a fabulous time!

I'm glad your birthday was fun, too!

And, I'm glad you played along on 5QF, even if it was a little late - better late than never...I love reading along when the players are my Bloggy Buddies! :)

Cop Mama said...

Have a great night!

Kate said...

I'm sure my children will be perfect teenagers, just as their mother was.

Hope you had a fantastic date with your man!

(( you ))

Tina Fisher said...

AAAhhhh a puppy? Kids would love one! :)

Hope you are having a fun date!

carma said...

A good honest politician - is that an oxymoron??? I'm a night owl, too.

He & Me + 3 said...

I am a night person too, but I can get up early if there are things to be done in the quiet of the morning. Like now. I love just being in the quiet.
I agree...I just want an honest politician.

blueviolet said...

I hope your date night was just wonderful!

I can't even text with two hands. I'm awful at it!

Uncle Phill said...

Dude, just look at all the people you have following your blog. Crazy!

Gramma said...

If I remember correctly that was the time that I let you work the whole day before you got to come home and talk to ME!! It gave you time to worry and me time to cool down!! haha
But of COURSE your babies will learn from your mistakes...your just going to have to share ALL OF THEM with them first...haha

Helga said...

I pulled the sleeping over at a friends house trick on my Mom a few times too. It never turned out very good :o)

mrs. b. said...

i feel the same way! i hope that my kids don't do half of the stuff i did! maybe they'll just think i am so wise and all-knowing that they will just take my word for it...? heh. we'll see!