Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lots of Random

On Alexa's last day of school before break they had a Christmas program. Let's see...a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds + lots of excitement and energy + no attention span + singing songs = possibly the cutest thing ever! Not totally sure what was going on half the time but the kids were hyped up, that's for sure. Also, after every song there was about 5 kids that would ask, "Is it time to eat the cookies now?" Seriously, cute.

So I just had to share one of the songs. Actually it wasn't so much a song, they were just saying it...either way it was funny.

There was a chubby snowman
He had a carrot nose

Along came a bunny

And what do you suppose

The hungry little bunny

Was looking for his lunch

He ate the snowman's carrot nose



Today was about day number 80 with temps in the negatives. Okay, not 80 but if you live in the Midwest and in this cold it feels like it has been 80 days. This weekend we woke up and it was almost 30 below. BRRRR!!!

Anyway, needless to say we didn't get out much this past weekend and we were all feelin the cabin fever in our house. So today the kids and I went to the Giggle Factory and spent about 5 hours climbing, sliding, running and jumping. Is it just me or are these places like heaven to a mother? I mean really, whoever though of making a big room full of padded stuff that wears kids out so they pass out withing seconds of getting in the car and that also has big comfy chairs for mom to sit on and watch it all was a genius. Pure genius.

Has anyone checked out Pocket Your Dollars after I talked about it here? Just curious what you thought if you did. We are still using it and loving it. A few weeks ago we got all this for $35. They literally paid us about $3.50 for the 8 boxes of cereal.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone for all the awards over the past couple of weeks. I love them and they always make my day. I hate to brag, but I have the best bloggy friends in the world. I'm not always good at following the rules with these (which is so unlike me) :) but I wanted to let ya'll know your the greatest and thank you!!

First Award is the Happy 101 from:
Katrina at Sevin Family
Laura at Army Wife Life
Shannon at discovering wildlife
Tara at The Unkept Cook
Jolene at Slavik Royalty
Tyler at Just Another Day In OUR Paradise

Isn't it cute? I mean, come on it has cupcakes on it how could it not be cute!? :)


List 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today
and tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
For those bloggers who get the award, you then link back to my blog
and create your "makes you happy" list.

10 Things that make me happy:
*My children
*My husband
*Getting into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets
*The smell of bread baking
*My entire house completely cleaned

Next one is the Heartfelt Blogger Award from:
Tina at My Priceless Fisher
Jolene at Slavik Royalty

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Third one is the Lemonade Award from:
Heidi at From 3 to 5
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Lindsay at Once Upon A Mommy

So the rules for this cute little award: Thank the giver, link to their blog, list 5 things about yourself and pass it on to five more people.

And last but not least another one from Heidi at From 3 to 5 - Best Blog Award

Thanks again everyone!! :)


Kate said...

I love posts like these!

The concert sounds so cute! I can never hear anything at those things because the jerk parents are always yapping.

The Giggle Factory sounds awesome! I wish we had a place like that here.

Congrats on your awards! Who rocks? YOU ROCK!

And in closing I would just like to say that it is January and you need to change your background.


Pineapple Princess said...

Congrats on your awards! Your blog really is wonderful!! :)

Stephanie said...

I just love childrens programs-they are just adorable!!!!

We're in the 20's here right now and I'm complaining so I can't imagine negatives! My husband does heating and air and we are already not seeing much of each other-he might have to sleep in his truck if it was that cold here.

Pennie said...

The girls that have younger kids and go to SAMmy's go to the Giggle Factory all the time in the winter! Then, Grandview Park by the water tower/Middle School in the summer!

When we lived in Eau Claire, the mall has a play land in the middle, and they had several McDonalds & Burger King playlands...really nice in cold weather...that's where my kids spent their toddler and most of their elementary school years. :)

Great pictures and ADORABLE SONG!!! I miss those days some times. I love when you share - it helps me to remember. :)

Stay warm!

Tyler said...

The giggle factory!? What a cute name...sounds alot like the place we went yesterday.. it was alot of fun. glad you and the kiddos got to get out and enjoy yourselves a little.

I bet the christmas play was soo adorable...

and last but not least.. I want some of that snow you have been getting up there but you can keep the sub zero temps.. that would be totally miserable.. bundle up girl

Katrina said...

I couldn't help but gasp when you said 30 BELOW!! Wow! I thought it was cold here!

I love the song they sang-- super cute. The Giggle Factory looks adorable. We definitely need one of those around me haha.

Helga said...

The Giggle Factory sounds like a great place. I have never been anywhere like that before. Kobe needs to go somewhere like that really bad.

I have gone to pocket your dollar. I haven't tried it yet but I will once I move to Chicago.

The pictures look great :o) Not of the food but of the kids LOL.

mrs. b. said...

haha! i LOVE that song that they sang! how cute!

and right? this weather? i'm ready to pack up and move far far away.

i'm so super jealous of your day @ the giggle factory! man, you're like the most fun mama EVER. :)

and all of those awards are totally deserved, mama. you're the best.

Bethany said...

Woo- Hoo! Way to go on all the awards. You seriously do deserve them. I love the song. Super cute. I hope things are settling down. Praying still.

denise said...

love the photo of all the happy 3 and 4-year-olds...sea (4) would have loved to have been there...she even knows the little snowman story (with hand motions)...crazy the weather differences across the i started reading your post i thought you said it had been 80 degrees as it has been in the high 70's here in san diego...ha ha! self-focused i am...congrats on all your blog awards! wish i could find the time to do those one of these days to let all the bloggers i follow know how i appreciate them...

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow girl that was alot. where do I begin. Congrats on the awards first. You deserve them all you are one of the sweetest bloggers I know. Love preschool programs. I totally know that poem:) Cute pictures too. Great savings. I totally need to do this.

♥Kim said...

Congrats on all the awards!
I love that silly song! It sounds like a cute one for children.

We need one of them play areas around here. lol

Laura I just love your post & so glad I found it. You are just full of energy (it seems) & you make me laugh! ♥

PS: Thanks for your sweet comments!

♥Kim said...
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3LittleMonkeys said...

Don't you just love the preschool concerts?? So cute! Great pictures.

Cop Mama said...

Great recap. 5 HOURS at the indoor play place! Wow, that's awesome. Nice sanity break.

I clicked over to Pocket Your Dollars. Great idea, I bookmarked it.

Congrats on all your awards. You rock!

Carrie said...

That song is so cute! I just volunteered in my son's preschool class yesterday so I know exactly what you are talking about! Lovely chaos :)
I really do need to check out that $aving site...too bad we don't have a Rainbow anymore though :(

Sonya said...

Kid programs are so cute. They are always unpredictable but you know that it is going to be cute! I have got to check out that grocery thing! 35 dollars!! NO WAY!!