Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Review

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We definitely did as we made our rounds...actually it was just two places, but two places is a lot of eating on Thanksgiving! First we went to Matt's mom's house and hung out and ate lots of good food and caught up with that whole side of the family.

My cute little niece Olivia and me. She used to be so shy around us but that day she couldn't get enough of me and I loved it!! I'm obviously her favorite aunt, but that's our secret.

After we stuffed ourselves there we drove up to my mom's house just in time to sit down and eat again. The kids decided to skip this meal (can't blame them...okay I can a little but just because it was so good) but they clearly saved room for pie. That's my babies! :)

Alexa says she loves pie. I think she loves pie because Gramma puts so much cool whip on it. :)

And of course she makes sure Braden gets lots of it too.

My grandparents go to Florida during the winter so we always have a little Christmas celebration with them on Thanksgiving too. The first of many many Christmas get togethers for the kids, it's never ending with large families, but we love it!


Thursday night about 10:00 I decide that I was going to get up and go shopping in the morning and somehow it went from 6am to 3am. And I have no idea why. So there I was standing at the first store shortly after 3:00 in the morning. It wasn't that many years ago that 3am was when I went to bed and now I am getting up to go shopping, crazy. Every year I usually go shopping on Black Friday but it is always at night when it's dead so this was my first time experiencing the insane crowds. And it was insane. I can not believe how many people were out there! And husbands too, lots of them. There was also several small little kids, kind of sad. I don't think there is a deal on earth that would make me wake my kids up that early! Anyway, I actually did get a few really great deals and several people crossed off our Christmas list. Next year I am making my mom come with gets really boring standing in line for an hour and a half, although I made lots of new friends! :) Some guy in line waiting for Kohl's to open about 3:45 asked me if I was there for some really good electronic deals and I told him I didn't even know what was on sale and he thought I was nuts. He was like "Then why are you here?" and I was like "Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe the thought of shopping without a couple kids wrapped around my legs sounded nice."


We officially have all our Christmas stuff out. I LOVE decorating our house for Christmas. We don't have a lot of stuff but I'm sure we will accumulate as the years go on. We were going to get our tree on Saturday but after we put out everything else and within 10 minutes the kids had it all everywhere I completely changed my mind. I was the one begging Matt to go get it 2 weeks ago and now I am the one saying, maybe we should wait. So we are waiting until next weekend, and then I'll just have to deal with trying to convince the kids not to pull the tree over for only a few weeks. Actually I think they will be okay, Alexa for sure but Braden you just never know. I can't wait to see every ones decorations, make sure to take pictures! :)


Last week my 17 year old sister lost a classmate and friend in a car accident. If you could, a prayer for all her friends and family would be greatly appreciated with the funeral being tomorrow. I can't stop thinking about her parents and what they are going through. Losing a child is the one thing I will never understand while here on earth, no mother or father should have to go through that.


If you are on Twitter this is old news but I don't want to end on a sad note so I have to tell you what Alexa said this weekend. She woke up on Saturday morning and it had snowed and she goes, "Oh maaaan, Jake frosted all over our grass!!" I am still laughing over it!


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow your little niece looks just like Alexa. They could be sisters. Cute. Oh my word...I am laughing out loud about Alexa's comment too. LOL That is hysterical.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

So sorry about your sister's friend. And I have never had the urge to even go to a Black Friday sale! I use to work in a department store and it was a mad house! Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely and the pictures are beautiful!!!

Laura said...

Jack frosted all over our grass! HAHA. That's hilarious! :) I'm glad you had such a nice holiday - the pictures are cute! :)

Katrina said...

The beautiful blue eyes run in your family! Your niece is a cutie.

I went out shopping with my mom at 2 a.m. and like you we had no plan or no idea what we were shopping for. We just have fun going out that early every year.

I'll be praying for your sister's friend and her family.

blueviolet said...

I love Laura Numeroff's books!

There really is always room for pie, especially when loaded with whipped cream.

Your kids and niece are adorable!!! You are too!!

Jen said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving...and welcome back to blog land. Have missed the updates. :)
We are hoping to get the tree up this week, but I really really want it to snow to make it more festive. I will be praying for her sister's classmates sad.

Jen said...

Oh, and I forgot, your kids are so cute...and I am glad you had fun shopping!

Bethany said...

I love Alexa's quotes. It was a good note to end it on. :)

Sounds like your Thanksgiving/ Christmas celebrations were fun. I love big families! It keeps things exciting. When are you going to post pictures of your decorations? You take such great photos.

I seriously thought you were doing a flashback photo of Alexa at the beginning. Those two should be sisters. Both of them are so cute. It sounds like a difference in personality though.

If it would help, would you tell you sister I'm praying for her and the family of her friend?

Jess :) said...

I LOVE all of those pics!! Of course you're the FAVORITE aunt :) I promise...I won't tell anyone!

Sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful and you got lots of yummy food! Oh, and the ONLY way I will eat a SUPER skinny piece of pumpkin pie is with GOBS of Cool Whip!! You know, more whip than pie! That's my motto!!!!!!!

So glad you're back! And I will definitely add your sister and her classmate (and family) to my prayer list. I couldn't imagine anything like that.

Kathryn said...

See another reason for us to live closer to each other!! We can be shopping buddies!! Next year though were taking my RV so we can switch off, and have a bathroom and heater and warm drinks vand just camp out.. we got to target at 2:30 and there was already a huge line!! yes.. so next year were camping out in the parking lot..

As for your sisters friend.. I will pray.. I dont know what I would do if I ever lost a child.. I think about it a lot and I makes me want to throw up.

Also I am cracking up over what alexa said! Thats the cutest thing i have EVER herd.

carma said...

what a tragedy about your sister's classmate. Kids and cars - scares me :-(

You are dedicated standing in line at 3AM!! I don't think there is much that would motivate me to get up and out by that ungodly hour...

Tyler said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Sounds like it was full of fun and food (my type of weekend:)

Good luck with that tree girl.. it has been a constant battle so far in my house

mrs. buckster said...

so glad that you had an awesome thanksgiving! praying for your sister who lost a friend. it seems that stuff like this happens way too much this time of year. =(
and seriously, could alexa BE any funnier!? i don't think so. that's so cute!

Sonya said...

sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was thinking that little girl was Alexa. they look quite a bit alike. :)