Monday, November 16, 2009

I had NO idea I would...

So the other day as I am picking something out of Braden's nose (nope, it doesn't get much better than that from here on out, so if you didn't like that then turn back now...consider yourself warned) I started thinking, "If my college days self (which is only 3 years ago, and I only bring that up because I am feeling worn out lately) could see me now, I would probably be gagging...or laughing...or maybe both." So I decided to come up with a little list of some things that I thought I would never do before I had kids but now do without thinking twice about. I am sure there are many more but here's just a few:

1. Wipe someones nose with my pants, shirt and even my bare hands.

I don't know about your kids, but when my kids have colds their noses run like crazy. So as prepared as I try to be sometimes a kleenex just is not in reach and before it runs into the mouth I just take matters into my own hands...literally.

2. Catch vomit in my hands.

Before kids I was one of those people that puked when other people puked, or at least came really close. Now I am proud to say that I have cupped my hands under my child's mouth while throwing up in attempt to save the furniture. Don't get me wrong, I definitely was a little gagy (gaggy?) but when you see the sad 'what is happening to me' look in your kids eyes you are more concerned with them (and the furniture.) Doesn't love do some crazy things?

3. Nurse a baby past 1 year.

Here I am nursing a 15 month old and I could care less! And although I don't want to be nursing him in a year, I am so okay with still doing it right now.

4. Take a rectal temperature.

I don't even think I knew people did this before having Alexa! However, since she was our guinea pig child we called the doctor for almost every little thing that happened to her. And apparently they pretty much won't even talk to you unless they know their temp...rectally. (Okay, I have to be really honest here...I still haven't actually ever done this one because I always made Matt do it because I just couldn't. But I did hold her hands while he did it, so that counts.) Also, I don't even know if we have done this to Braden at all or at least very few times. This is one perk of being a second child.

5. Lick my finger and then wipe my child's mouth.

Isn't this the definition of "I will never do that when I have kids!" I even said that after I had Alexa, but alas, it didn't last long. This isn't something I do every day but I do on occasion and I still say to my self 'why am I doing this?' every time I do it.

6. Sleep in poop.

True story people, true story. Basically put together a nursing baby who pooped a lot plus changing a diaper in the middle of the night on the bed and two very sleep deprived parents. There you have it, sleeping in poop.

Now, they're not all bad. There are a few things I didn't know I would do and I enjoy tons! In fact there are loads of them...but that's a whole other post. :)

What do you do that you said you would never do?


Amanda said...

Just insert mt kids names on the list in the appropriate places and I think that covers it.



Kathryn said...

Thas funny! I have not had the privlage of catching throw up yet, my kids have never (know on wood) thrown up.. but i am guilty of the others, well...except the poop.. but pee?.. im guilty.. to lazy to get up and change the sheets and just grabbed a towel and fell back asleep.. I know what being sleep deprived is!

He & Me + 3 said...

I haven't caught an puke yet. Thank goodness...I have a weak stomach. It is all worth it isn't it? All for the love of the kids.

Pam said...

Lol! Laundry and dishes.

Tyler said...

How very true are each one of those statements!! I also never knew I would eat babyfood in order to convince the little one to give it a taste. I never knew I could love something so very much... and wonder if I had another one how I could love it as much as my girl! I am sure I would but its just hard to imagine! Have a gret monday girl!

Sonya said...

I refuse to take Lauren's temperature rectally! I don't even have Brian do it. I think my mom might have done it for me a few times BUT I always tell the doctor, I did it underneath her arm. Plus they don't do it like that at her pediatrician's office so why should I at home!!!

The booger thing I totally relate too. Actually all of them I relate to except for the sleeping in poop! No way! I so would have changed my clothes and the sheets.

Tina Fisher said...

Of your six...I've got four of them covered. I have to skip numbe 3 & 6! But really, I've had to do number 4.

Great post!

I've had to catch vomit a few times. My kids have a tendency to put too much food in their mouths and then throw it up. Now, if I really think about it....why am I catching it...we are at the table and the floor is tile. Why? It must be a reaction. Kind of like when you slam on the brakes and put your arm out in front of the person in the passenger seat? Why? Like you are really going to do something that the seatbelt won't?

Have a great rest of the day!

Mike and Katie said...

Funny stuff and I can totally relate. I used to be so queasy about people throwing up. The worst was when some one puked on the bus in front of where I was sitting. Oh, how I wished to get off through the emergency exit in back! Nine months of morning sickness with my first baby completely desensitized me to that issue, though.

Jen said...

I absolutly LOVE this post. One of my favorites ever. You are so right...I would have NEVER imagined what I would/could do as a mom...
1. done that. :)
2. did this, more than once, and honestly, vomit is the ONE thing that I can't stand. Gags me every time.
3. didn't do this, but would have loved to...oldest weaned herself at a year, and my youngest at 8 months after she got her first set of tubes. i really don't think she heard much before, after my 4th time with mastitis, I was ready to give that up.
4. Never done this, but could if I had to...
5. Still do this. :)
6. haven't done this, but did flood our bed with breast milk. yes, i said it. My oldest slept 12hours at night (I know, we were lucky), so if I didn't get up to night (we had a water bed at the time) I didn't pump, and my husband woke me up to tell me there was a hole in the bed because the sheets were really wet...well, long story short, NO hole in the bed, and I determined the bed didn't spring a leak, I had. UGH.

Great post, sorry this comment is so long.

Stephanie said...

Oh yes been there...done those :) Funny where we end up yet wouldn't change it for anything!

shannon said...

oh. my. goodness. YES YES YES! 3 years ago, i would have never in a million years imagined that i would do any of these things but i have certainly done *almost* everything on this list @ least once (except the nursing past a year thing-good for you!). this was a seriously awesome post! i laughed from beginning to end! ps. I LOVE YOUR LITTLE BIOS AND PHOTOS! so super cute!

Mike and Katie said...

I thought of one. I never thought I would tell people, "He/she needs a nap," in order to excuse bad behavior. I always thought that was a cop-out, but when your child is over tired, there is little hope of successful discipline.

Lori said...

Kids definitely change your life forever. I can remember my mom catching my puke in her hand while following me to the bathroom. Luckily, my kids have not gotten sick that many times. I am hoping they take after me. I have a strong stomach. I enjoyed reading this post.

Stacy said...

I have done almost of of

Except for the puking...ugh! My hubby still has to clean that

Thanks for visiting my blog!

carma said...

I am so anal when it comes to bodily fluids that I can honestly say I have never caught vomit, or wiped a nose with my hand - or shirt or taken a rectal temperature. Am I missing out????

B-Dub said...

Ugg, I have done them all. Plus, this one time, wait! I can't even say it! Gagging here. And I think I threw up a little in my mouth. Some things are best left unsaid. Blogging tip for today. UGg, still gagging.

Gramma said...

As your Mom Laura, I never thought you'd be doing any of those things either!!! Being a Mom changes you in a LOT of different ways doesn't it?
LOVE the new format of your Blog!!!

Lisa Curcio said...

I am with you on many of these things. I usually try to throw some article of clothing or blanket under puking children...because, no I can not catch it, and most likely will never try.

I have slept in baby poop before, as recently as 3 months ago. Twice in the same week actually. You know, sometimes it just doesn't matter when you are very tired.