Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My P-p-p-poker Face

Did you guys hear about the 21 year old, Joe Cada who won the World Series of Poker main event this morning? Yeah, he's walking away with the $8.55 million pot. Oh, and he's 21! Can you imagine? Once upon a time a loved poker, I was so fascinated by the whole thing and watched it all the time.

I think this should have been me.

Why didn't I just go with my gut and quit college and turn pro? Oh yes, there was that one tiny little thing that stood in my way. Okay, two things really.

One. I don't really know how to play. I obviously know how to play but not like those guys. If you show me two hands I really can't tell you what the odds are of winning. I don't get the whole 'what are the odds' thing.

Two. I can't actually play with other people. This one really might have put a damper on my pro career don't you think? Here's what I mean. Back in the day when I actually went to the casino and played table games I would freak out and freeze up after the first old man gave me a dirty look for hitting when I shouldn't have and therefore taking the break card (or whatever it's called.) Seriously, people get straight up mean at these games. I guess when there's money on the line....

Three. I know I said there was only two but I thought of one more. I can't bluff. The darkest glasses and biggest hat could not hide my "poker face" mainly because I would probably start giggling when I had a good hand, I'm bad at holding in my excitment.

Now that I think about it, I really wouldn't have been that good at all. Probably a good thing I stayed in school, huh!? I digress.

Back to Joe. He is now the youngest man ever to win the title. Here's what he said, "I ran really well and I never really thought this was possible. It was one of those dreams and I’m thankful it came true."

Hey Joe, how about a little excitement. "WHAT??? OH MY GOSH, I WON I WON!! I'M THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD! I'M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!"

Maybe this is another reason I wouldn't make it.

So just because I feel like playing pretend right now, I am going to tell you what I did with my money after winning $8,550,000.

First of all, I put plenty of money away for our children to go to college. (P.S. if they overmydeadbody decide not to go to college, I will be taking this money back.

Then I bought a couple nice new vehicles that are (unlike our current ones) a little more reliable.

After that we moved into a little bit of a bigger home.

Then after helping out some of my family and saving all the hungry children of the world I would take what is left (yes, I realize I probably ran out of money already but this is my dream) and bring everyone I know on a nice long tropical cruise.

Not too bad for sitting at a poker table for a few days, huh?

What would you do with $8 million?


Katrina said...

All of the above haha.

B-Dub said...

I would take a nap while someone else fed my kids lunch. And then, I would have a maid around to clean it up while I took the kids to the pool. There's a dream for ya!

Kathryn said...

Hire a maid!! I love that song by lady gaga.. my brother in law is her representitave/ publicist.. I cant and dont know how to play poker but LOVE blackjack!

Bethany said...

Holy Cow. I don't watch poker and am probably never going to like it, but 8 million. I can't even imagine.
Good list though. I'm still thinking on it. :)

Lisa Curcio said...

Haha! I would buy a new computer and blog about it lol!

And then I would do pretty much everything that you did except I would also give some to my Mended Little Hearts group :)

carma said...

I'm working on a post about my son playing blackjack and Texas hold-'em this week on the field trip bus :D So I was totally stoked when I heard this on the news!! Excellent backup plan!

When he wins me $8 million I will be blogging from my retirement villa on the island of Sardinia. I'll have plenty of time to blog considering I'll have a maid and driver oh, and a cook, just like Oprah!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Who hasn't asked themselves that question at least once in life?

Hmmm....first, I always said I'd give some to charity. You know, the whole karma/pay it forward thing. Next, I'd definitely buy a bigger house with the coolest outdoor toys for my boys. Then, I'd take a week's vacation at a spa with all my girlfriends. Oh, and then I'd score some tickets to the Oscars to walk to red carpet and oogle at the stars. And then of course, there'd be the cook I'd hire along with my personal trainer.

Gosh, I could write about this all day, but I probably should get back to reality soon so I don't get too excited. After all, we don't even play the lottery!


He & Me + 3 said...

No kidding that is just crazy. I would hire a maid too:)

Shay said...

LOL, saving all the hungry children would be AWESOME!!!! I'll pray you one day get this wish! God won't give me a ton of money because he knows I cant handle it. lol

Michelle M. said...

That is so funny! I even begin to imagine what I could do with that much money. But I love your ideas :) I think my choices would be similar.

Sonya said...

very nice! Brian and I like to think what we would do with our money if we won the lottery. :)

dan and rachel said...

hey, can i come on that vaca with you??!!!

hilarious, laura! truly hilarious! this has to go in a "favorite posts" archive that you need to create! :)

happy wednesday!

shannon said...

you just get cooler everyday, laura! i LOVE poker. texas hold'em specifically. and i am pretty sure if i won that money i would die of excitement and shock before i could spend a dime. BUT if i managed to hold myself together, i would hire a night nanny. hubster and i were just discussing that last night. *sigh* and i could go on for days and days beyond that...but a *huge* desire of mine is to help the homeless, so that would be right up there on my list. what a cool post!

Melissa said...

oh lovely! I love this post! i will definitely be using this as my blog today! probably won't be able to till later, though! i came to your blog after you commented on mine! thanks for the comment, btw! i love your site. This blog was great! Oh the things i could do w/ 8 million dollars (heck, i'll take half a million!!!)

Mike and Katie said...

I like the house you chose. I'm glad I don't have to make that sort of decision, though. A big house in the country and adopting a few more kids would top the list though and having my husband be able to quit his job and just work for fun with the kids doing whatever suits his fancy.

Amanda said...

This is hilarious Laura!! I loved overmydeadbody... you are such a hoot!!


B-Dub said...

Hi Lady! I gave you an award today. Come check it out!