Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Review

I know, it's already Tuesday but we've been busy around here so I am finally getting around to finishing this.

Anyway, Friday night Gramma took BOTH kids home to spend the night. This was only Braden's second time away and I must say that I think we both did pretty well. Matt and I got to go out to dinner all by ourselves which was....weird, we are so not used to being able to relax while out to eat! We went to a little bit of a nicer place and it was like 7pm so who would have thought we would end up right next to a table with 4 little boys. Seriously, the older two were close to Alexa's age and the younger TWINS were almost the same age as Braden. So guess what I thought about the whole time? My poor husband...tries to get me out and away from the kids for a relaxing night and he then gets to hear me talk about them the whole time. There could be worse things though, right!? Then after dinner we tried to be really enthusiastic about going and doing something different and not going home since it was 8:00 on a Friday night with no kids. We were going to go bowling but they were having a league thing so we would have had to wait for almost 2 hours so we ended up at a local bar and played darts for awhile, and it was actually really fun! I can't remember the last time I hung out at a bar...3 1/2 years of being pregnant or nursing definitely takes a toll on the adult outings. It was fun to get out though especially when we knew the kids were also having lots of fun with Grampa and Gramma! Thank you Gramma!

Saturday bright and early Uncle Phill came over and they started working on the new swing set again. It was sunny out but it was very windy and super cold! They got lots done though and it was finally starting to look like a play house. Here they are working away...

Wait a minute, what is this? Taking a break? To smoke a cigar of all things! Just kidding, they deserved it, besides they probably couldn't feel their fingers and needed to warm them up a little.

Finally, here it is! It's not totally done, we still need to finish the sand box, build the rock climbing wall that goes in front, add the monkey bar ring things and stain it BUT at least we can still use it. Not even kidding, before Matt even had the slide screwed in we had Alexa and 2 little neighbor kids running around waiting for him to be done! Alexa was so excited she kept saying "Sank you Daddy, sank you for the swings!"
Thanks Uncle Phill for all your help!!

The weekend was so busy and in Matt's spare time he was working outside so we didn't even get a chance to all hang out as a family. So Sunday night we packed up some sandwiches and went down to the river and had a picnic, went walking and just laid around a played.

Man I love these three people!!


Katrina said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love the pictures!

I know the weird feeling of not having your kids with you when you go out-- it's like missing a limb!

Thanks for voting for me :)

Amanda said...

What great pictures!! So great to have a whoel night to yourselves!!! Me and my husband did that. Once. We were kinda like a fish outta water! :)

God bless-

Bethany said...

That looks/sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you got some time out. It's so needed. I didn't realize it until Doug and I started making more of a priority. (Read more than just our anniversary.)

Can't wait to see pictures of the kids on the new swingset.