Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Park Fun

Are you sick of me yet? I am sort of on a blog roll, there's so much to catch up on. I was kind of on a hiatus and I totally blame it on Jillian Michaels! For those of you who have asked, it is great! The whole program is based on strength, cardio and ab circuit training. The best part is that it's not even 30 minutes and it's a way better workout than spending an hour and a half at the gym! It's only been a few days but I can only assume it's working pretty well considering I was unable to walk up my stairs. It works every part of your body, every muscle you didn't know you had. SO, I would give it two thumbs up overall.


Yesterday we had a play date and picnic at a new little park. Alexa had a blast climbing all over the equipment. I am still amazed at how well that girl can climb around those things, no fear I tell you! So I didn't get any pictures of her climbing all over the place, obviously I was following her around in a panic, afraid she was going to fall and break her neck. But hey, she didn't so it was a pretty successful day at the park. This time there was no mysterious band-aids laying around so that was just an extra bonus.

We did take a pit stop at our clinic on the way home due to some mother's intuitions. Braden had not been himself for a couple days and was tossing a turning the night before so I figured something was up. Sure enough, another ear infection. So we're back on antibiotics and he is MUCH better already today! I can only assume that there may be another tooth coming... Alexa was the same way, with every tooth came an ear infection. Isn't it funny how doctors say that they are not related? Weird how it only happened 100% of the time - for us anyway, apparently that's not a good enough percentage. ;)

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katster said...

cute picts! Its pretty sad when you know more than doctors!! i had a blood test done and my cholesterol was high.. i researched it because its normally not high.. i found that when you lactate you have high cholesterol is can range high 250-mid 300's!! i mentioned it to two different doctors and non of them know or say it doent.. thats why some professionals tell you not to have your labs done when your lactating.. to wait untill you wean.. Isnt that funny though how it seem like we know more than the docs do?