Thursday, May 7, 2009

A New Talent

Braden is becoming quite the eater these days. I forgot how fun it was watching a baby learn to eat by him/herself AND how messy it is! I remember having a typed out list on our cupboard of what babies can and can't eat and a schedule for eating when Alexa was this age, boy how things change the second time around. Although I am still very cautious about introducing new foods to watch for reactions, he pretty much gets to try out anything (excluding the things babies are not suppose to have, of course!) I can't imagine what and how our third may be eating at this stage! We have recently started giving him little bites of most of the foods we eat now, which is so food can be annoying sometimes. He loves fruits and veggies and chicken which is good because most days that is what we eat around here.

Oh yeah, did I mention he likes cheese too? That would be a little piece under his eye in the last photo. He just LOVES being able to feed himself!

He also can drink out of a sippy cup all by himself. And I always know when he's done because he likes to throw the cup on the floor, you know instead of placing it nicely back on the tray. We'll have to work on that later.

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