Sunday, May 17, 2009

New stats on our little BIG boy

Friday Alexa and I brought Braden to the doctor for his 9 month check-up. Everyone did great and we thankfully didn't have to wait too long for our awesome doc to show up. While we waited be went back and forth between our room and the scale out in the hall, because obviously that is the funnest toy at the doctor office...but of course. Alexa helped Dr. Cress look for bunnies in Braden's ears and then she gave a sticker for being so good. Is she a great helper or what? :)

And here are the latest numbers:

Head circumference - 18.5" (90 percentile)

Height - 29 inches (75 percentile)

and drum roll please.....

Weight - 27 pounds (99 percentile)

Apparently he is almost the biggest 9 month old to walk crawl the earth. Although he has slowed down a tiny bit since he is moving around and starting to nurse less and eat more real food. I asked the doctor if we should be concerned or if we needed to change anything and he said "NOPE" and that there's no concern to see a nursing baby on the "chunkier side" and somewhere in there he also said something about me making liquid gold.

Chubby or not we love you either way!

(Although I personally LOVE the rolls!) :)


Uncle Phill said...

That is a pretty sweet Run DMC t-shirt.

dan and rachel said...

he's perfect!

katster said...

i dont even know him yet i want to pick him up and pinch and kiss his cheeks!!! so cute!!

Bethany said...

The rolls are the best. Maybe, if you are lucky, he'll get tan lines in them this summer. That happens to be my personal favorite. :)