Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was suppose to be spent at our first MN Twins game of the year. However, after hours of trying to fix a big mix up with getting billed way too much for our purchased tickets we ended up cancelling the plans altogether. So we were stuck with the last day of our long weekend and messed up plans. Our first thought was to head to the zoo but it was really windy out so we decided to go to the Mall of America. We brought the kids to Underwater Adventures which Alexa loves. It's funny how she can be freaked out over a little bug at home but has no fear when face to face with THIS:

And THIS...

She was fascinated. Maybe she will become a Marine Biologist someday, hmmmm.
"Nemo" was also a big hit.

Daddy and the kids sitting on a gigantic turtle.

After that it was off to the rides. Who looks like they're having more fun? :)

And Braden did great the whole time, even without a nap!

I LOVE long weekends. We had four full days with lots of family time that has obviously taken me until now to recover from since I am just posting this! :)


Amanda said...

And I love all your great pictures!! What fun! I have only taken my kids there a couple times on toddler tuesday...

Sorry about not going to the twins game!! I am sure Braden and Daddy will make up for lost time in the years to come..:)

God bless-

Bethany said...

That exhibit looks like so much fun. Down here, I love the Cincinnati Aquarium. I wish we lived close and it was cheaper! (I have a hard time shelling out $70 for our family.)

Baseball games are going to be so much fun for the boys when Braden is bigger. Will Alexa stand to be left with Mommy? Or will you go get pedicures together? :)