Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's no stopping this kid

Yesterday was yet another big day for Braden. For starters he finally made it up these stairs...

He has been working on them for a few weeks now and can never make it past the first step. I love our upstairs living room because of these. It's sunken so there's only two steps which is actually a great thing to have with kids...who would have known! Alexa learned to go up and down stairs really well with them and hopefully Braden will be able to also. We just kept a huge four foot stuffed lamb at the bottom so there is no injuries, in fact Alexa thought it was great "falling" down and landing on it. Stairs were always one of my big fears even before having kids, the thought of having a kid fall down the stairs literally makes me sick to my stomach. So hopefully with our "practice" steps we'll be two for two. Anyway, mission complete for little B. Good work buddy!

Yesterday he also walked half way around our ottoman. He has been starting to walk a little bit here and there around furniture and even transferring from one thing to the other but never more than a couple steps at a time. So when he started inching his way around the ottoman yesterday it was pretty cool. I am so amazed at how much babies can learn in such a short time, isn't it crazy!? Before we know it he will be running around with Alexa, it's so hard to imagine him doing all these things already. Some days I can't wait to see him do new things and some days I just want to bottle him up just like he is today so I can keep my little baby boy.


Uncle Phill said...

Your home has training wheels!

Bethany said...

So cute! He is such a little man already. You do such a great job of getting pictures and keeping them organized. What's your secret?