Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Stuff

Braden is FINALLY over all his illnesses. He went through 5 days of wheezing which was a little concerning but after a couple trips to the doctor to make sure everything was okay, it finally ended. A couple days later his cough ended too. YAY! He is now back to his VERY happy self. You could tell in the thick of it all he was not feeling well because even when he is sick, tired, or anything he still almost always has a smile on his face and for a day or two he just didn't. It broke my heart so I am so very happy he is back to happy guy Braden!
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So Alexa has been in a new room at school for a couple months now and she just loves it. She like being with the older kids and has made lots of new friends in there. Today when I went to pick her up she was sitting in a little reading area that is set up with bean bag chairs and books. She was there with two other girls and one of them was laying right next to her on one of the bean bags. When I went in Alexa saw me and did her usually "Hi Mommy!" thing and came over hand in hand with this other girl. Then she asks me if she can come over to our house. How cute is THAT!?! Her first "I want to have a friend over" experience. I thought it was so cute! I told her that she had to go home with her own mommy but maybe another day she could come over to play. When we got to the car I was trying to ask her what the other girls name was but Alexa just couldn't remember I guess. :)
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There is a wonderful family blog I follow who have an amazing story. Long story short, their forth and youngest child was diagnosed with many heart problems before being born. They were told he would surely die but was then born a completely healed and healthy boy. He is now almost 5 months old and was taken into the doctor this past Sunday with some extreme cold symptoms. He was given a medication that put his heart into SVT, the same thing he had before being born, the same thing he was healed of. Since Sunday it has been an extremely emotional roller coaster for this family. This little baby boy, Stellan, has been through so much this week and really needs all the prayers he can get. Please pray for Stellan and his family. To read his story or see updates you can go to their blog:
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Did I mention I am not working anymore? What, I didn't? Well.....guess what....I'm not working anymore. :) I know, I have been meaning to write up a whole happy post about it but with Alexa and I having food poisoning or something and then Braden being sick, I just never got around to it I guess. But anyway, I just want to give a shout out to President Obama. Thanks dude for all the "change" - it's been great, the economy is great, and not having a job is great. (Oh wait, just kidding that part really IS great....don't tell Matt I said so.) So it looks like I am going to stay home for awhile and just do the mom thing again. The pay isn't that great but the benefits are wonderful. I have also thrown around the idea of going back to school for a medical assisting program, but with Matt still in school it probably won't be something I will be able to do for another year. Until then it looks like it's me and the kiddos get to hang out again, which will be absolutely wonderful once it finally gets nice outside and we can get out and DO something already.
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Can anyone tell me when spring is really coming? Seriously, only in the midwest can it go from 70s one day to snowing the next. *Please mother nature, we're begging you, enough already!*

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Amanda said...

Well, I think its great you are home! And I am sure the kids think so too!! So glad everyone is healthy again!!

Many blessings-