Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alexa Being.....Alexa

Alexa, Braden and I met my mom for lunch today to get out of the house. While we were there Alexa had to go to the bathroom and had Gramma take her. A couple minutes later I hear a little voice yelling in the distance "I WENT POTTY, I WENT POTTY!" haha This is something many people who have been around us have been hearing for several months now. But guess what, I.don'! She's potty trained! WOOHOO! It is funny though, I love the reactions from bystanders....thankfully most of them think it's funny too.


The other weekend we were out running some errands. We pull into the parking lot of Target and Alexa sees the big red sign and says this: "We're here, we're home, this is our home, I love it!" Incredibly adorable, unbelievably funny and so super cute. Unfortunately Matt was in the car with us and heard the whole thing. Oppsss :o)


Thank you to Disney movies Alexa has picked up on a couple not so wonderful little sayings. A new one and a definite favorite of hers is "right now" which is NOT cool with mom and dad. (Side note: we do not say this to her because we just feel that it is not appropriate and don't want her repeating things we say that she shouldn't be saying....but thank you Disney movies for going right ahead and sneaking it in somewhere.) Sometimes when she is having an "episode" (I know, it's hard to believe but these days they happen more than I would like to admit.) she will say something "leave me alone" or "come back here" and end them with "right now!" We have had several talks about how that is not a nice thing to say and she is not allowed to say it. SO, now the sneaky little girl will say it in other ways while not yelling, just to say it of course. The other night she was in the tub I was sitting in the hallway with Braden and as she was playing and I could hear her talking really softly to herself. I leaned in a little and heard this: "one, right now, two, right now, three, right now....."

Oh man! I actually enjoy seeing other parents struggling with their own children out in public. Don't get me wrong I really do feel for them but it's SO nice to know we're not the only ones.


Gramma said...

She most certainly IS a blessing!!! Not a shy bone in her body and extremely excited about life!! While Braden just stands back, trying to stay out of her way and smiles...too cute!!

Love You ALL

Uncle Phill said...

Counting, right now? lol!

Bethany said...

Oh, my , word! Absolutely hilarious. I'm with you on the seeing other parents have their kids be kids. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in a place where everyone did their best, and everyone gave grace to those needed it?