Friday, March 6, 2009

Is the End Near?

The end of Mommy and Braden's 3am get togethers that is.

Monday night he slept through the night for the first time....EVER! He was one tired boy after spending the day playing at 3M's back-up daycare, so much fun he apparently just couldn't sleep at all. He couldn't even stay awake long enough to finish eating that night so off to bed by 7:00!

I woke up midnight.....sound asleep.

Again at 2:30, checked him....out.

Dozed off until about 3:30, was he seriously still sleeping?......Yup!

Next thing I knew, we woke up to Braden talking and it was almost 5:30am.

For a few minutes I had to think about if this was the first time he got up or not, and honestly I was so tired I couldn't even remember. Isn't it ironic that when babies start sleeping through the night, moms get LESS sleep....maybe it's just me, but the same thing happened with Alexa.

Anyway, after much deliberation between Matt and I we decided it was officially a full night of sleep. Which brings me to a thought I had. I have good sleeping children. They didn't start sleeping 10 hours a night the week they came home from the hospital or anything but after a month or two they were for the most part down to once a night. I have had people tell me "oh yes my baby has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks." or "she always sleeps through the night, it's great." Come to find out, this "sleeping through the night" thing was bed at 11pm and up at 5am. Excuse me? I am sorry, but that is NOT sleeping through the night. Most nights Braden sleeps a good 8 hours before getting up and I still don't consider that all night. So now I always think twice before I get a little envious when people tell me their kids are sleeping through the night at half the age of mine. I know parents like to brag about their kids, hello I'm president of the club, but when it comes to lack of sleep that's just not something to mess with!

So back to Braden.....he hasn't slept the whole night again yet but he has been doing better and better. And to tell the truth there is a tiny little bit of me that gets a little sad when the night feedings go away. Don't get me wrong being able to sleep more than 4 hours at a time will be wonderful, but it's always a little sad. I'm not sure if it's more because they are growing up or if I will just miss the extra cuddle time, maybe a combination of the two.

We did decide that it is definitely time for the little guy to move upstairs to his own room, his own bed. I have been delaying this for some time now, basically I was hoping we could wait until he was sleeping through the night consistently. This is only for complete selfish reasons of course. The thought of having to get up and go all the way upstairs, feed him, get him back to bed and going back down to bed myself just seems exhausting. Most nights (okay every night) when he gets up I just pull him into bed with us and that's usually where he sleeps for the next couple hours....cuddled up with mom. But really the poor thing is just running out of room in the pack-n-play, he usually ends up smushed in the corner. So it looks like it's just time to just cave in and do it already, maybe we'll give it a shot this weekend.

Here's a couple pictures of him sitting up like a big boy....


katster said...

yeaa! how lucky are you! im still waiting to sleep through the night..

on the 3 colomn need to have 3 colomn template.. just go to and find where it says 3 colomn templates.. choose the one you want then copy and paste as usual in your html..

not done yet... you have to add in codes

now if you want to learn on your own go back to that web site and click on blog secrets then click on how to get a 3 colomn will tell you step by step on how to do it.. if you cant... send me an email and i will give you the code to copy and past directly to your site. once you have this code you dont have to mess with it.. just make sure when you change your background that its a 3 colomn.. here is my email if you have trouble

Amanda said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I love having Audrey with me in bed... and I will dread the day she has to be on her own...

Many blessings-

Gramma said...

I LOVE the new look Laura...and the pics of Braden are so precious!!!

Ashley said...

You are so savvy with your website stuff!! Good job! The kids are looking as adorable as ever!