Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Friends

So Alexa has been in this "Best Buds" thing lately. We're not quite sure where she got it but the other day her Best Bud went from Daddy to Braden to Daddy again then to Diego in a matter of hours....hmmmm....

Anyway, yesterday she was being just so sweet to Braden (she usually is very sweet to him) but this time it was like way over the top cute. She kept pulling him in her lap and wanting to hold him and hug him and kiss him. Here's a little reenactment of our conversation:

Alexa: I love him

Me: I know, you guys are SO cute

Alexa: We are cute, take a picture mommy (Do you think she she's used to me taking their pictures constantly?)

Me: Of course I will!

Me: Are you guys best buds?

Alexa: No, Braden is my best bud

Me: Are you Braden's best bud?

Alexa: No, I'm a girl.

Me: Oh okay, so he's just your best bud?

Alexa (after thinking about it for awhile): NO.....(thinking)....we are best FRIENDS!!

Seriously, I could have passed right out it was so cute. It just amazes me how incredibly adoring she is to him and how he puts up with her lovin on him constantly so well. How lucky are we? A friend just asked me the other day how things went for Alexa when Braden was born. We were SO blessed, from day one she has been nothing but the best big sister. Okay more like 96% of the time, of course there's always a few moments especially now that he can move around and get to her stuff.

How long do you think this could last? At least we'll have the stories and pictures to show them someday if it doesn't! :)

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katster said...

it is so special when you see sibilings play together.. i soak in those memories