Monday, March 2, 2009

Braden, Back on Mom's Good Side

Okay okay, it's not like he was ever OFF my good side....seriously, who can resist a face like this?

Not ME that's for sure, he definitely has Mommy wrapped around his adorable chubby little finger!

BUT, he has absolutely redeemed himself after the whole "da da" thing. He is officially reaching out for me. He has been kind of doing it for a few weeks now but it was hard to tell if he was reaching out for me or if he was just trying to grab me. It' pretty clear though, he wants his Mommy. What made it even, dare I say, better, is that after getting super excited when Matt was holding him and reaching out for me, is that Matt tried getting him to go back to him and he wouldn't. But I would NEVER get overly excited about that and brag about it!

Nope, I would never do that.

So we'll just say he's a big mama's boy! And I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I am the main source of food for the little guy. He just loves me that much! :)

What else is Braden doing you ask, besides loving up him Mommy?

-He LOVES his feet, especially if he has socks on so he can rip them off.

-He is sitting up really well on his own.

-Loves being on his belly and is learning how to crawl backwards to get around....apparently this is easier for him right now than forwards.

-Talks, talks and talks and sometimes yells a lot....not mad yells, just likes to hear his own voice.

It's hard to believe he is almost 7 months old already, he just keeps doing new things and getting more fun every day!

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