Thursday, March 19, 2009

Braden and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ohhh my poor little B, today just was not one of his best days so far in life to say the least. He has had a raspy cough now for, oh I don't know like 3 months or so. Alright it hasn't been that long but he has had it off and on for a lot of the winter. Which is weird considering he was sitting at home with Mommy and Alexa the whole time. Anyway, it usually doesn't get too bad or anything serious but he just keeps getting this annoying icky cough. And since he is the second child we haven't taken him in AT ALL for this cough....can you believe it? We have been in to regular check-ups and other appointments during these times and had him checked of course and it's always the same old thing, humidifier, fluids, sleep, wait it out, blah blah blah.

Well the other night he woke up coughing so hard that he ended up making himself throw up and it was just gross flemy stuff. I know that's gross but that's what it was. Now this morning he woke up and was wheezing a little bit and it progressively got worse through out the day. It finally got to the point where I thought maybe he should go in and get checked out. So we called at 4:00 and got in by 5:00 tonight. Of course since we have the best pediatrician in the whole world we couldn't get in to see him. Actually he was off this week because his kids are on spring break and apparently they need him too. I know, can you believe it? What about MY kids? :)

So we get into the office and here's come the "other" doctor. First of all, I think he was wheezing just as much as Braden and coughing almost as much as him too. Besides the fact that he was the most monotone person I have ever met. Isn't that strange, don't you think maybe he picked the wrong career? Also, is it okay to ask a doctor to wash his or her hands before they start touching your sick little baby? I don't know, to say the least I was NOT impressed. At our house we have strong feelings about our children seeing actual pediatricians not family practitioners, BUT if this guy is the last one out there I don't think I will go back to him....ever.

Anyway back to Braden. Dr. Monotone checked him all out and listened to all his stuff for a long time and decided that it was nothing that needed immediate attention. He said he could hear a little rattle in his lungs but at this point he didn't think medication was necessary, especially since he was still eating enough to have wet diapers. Our prescription: humidifier, try to push the fluids and lots of extra Mommy love. (Okay so I added the last one but I'm sure it will help the most.) And if things get worse or NOT better in 2 days he should come back. Okay doc, thanks, see ya never again! After he left the room I told Braden I was sorry that I took him to be poked and pushed and gaged by the big cherry stick for nothing, he smiled, he still loves me.

To completely top off the night he had his first ouchy. He was sitting in the living room playing as we were making dinner and all the sudden he tipped over and he was a little too close to the ottoman and face planted right into it. He cried and even had real tears. Mommy and Alexa to the rescue, we rocked him and gave him lots of kisses and within a minute he was all better!

So I guess it wasn't the worst day ever, it definitely could have been worse, but it was a rough one for the little guy. Let's just hope he starts feeling better soon. Maybe with spring finally in sight everyone will start getting well again. He is currently curled up in bed sleeping to the humidifier cranked up all the way.


katster said...

Awe.. poor baby.. i know how you feel.. the peds office that i go to have two doctors.. i like them both but i like one better than the other.. he actually interacts with the kids as if they were his own.. And as for his cold, i would buy a stethescope and that way you can hear if there is any thing in his lungs.. i would go back when his doctor gets back.. Caden has had stuff in his throat for the past couple weeks and i was worried it was in his lungs, i listed with my stethescope but heard nothing and when i had laurens drs appt i asked about him.. but nothing is wrong he just has flem in his throat.. it just sounds bad..=(. but as for braden just use the humidifier and re schedule another appt to be safe..=) its so sad when there sick..

Uncle Phill said...

You forgot "missed uncle phill, who was coming in early to work cuz he heard that Braden would be there!"


Gramma said...

POOR BRADEN...He misses his GRAMMA!!!