Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where are you teeth?

If you have seen Braden at all in the past oh about a month or so, this is what you saw. Actually much of the day now is spent with BOTH fists crammed into his little mouth. Of course most of the day I have the camera either in my pocket or sitting right next to me but of course not when I actually am trying to get a picture of little Braden with both of his hands about 75% of the way in his mouth. So whenever I see him doing this I say "stay right like that, mommy has to get the camera!" HA yeah right. He must have hearing like his sister.....but anyway I WILL get a picture of it because it truly is amazing, sometimes I actually wonder what would happen if they got stuck in there. So the wait is still on for the first little tooth to pop through, from the mouth of our trusty doc "it could be in 3 days or it could be in 3 months." Thanks, that helps a lot. However from my expert opinion.....what am I saying, I have no expert opinion. I just hope for Braden's sake that something comes pretty soon. His little gums are swollen, he has been feeling feverish lately and just not his happy self 100% of the time, I think we're down to like 85%. Tonight however I did see 2 tiny little white specs on his bottom gums, YAY!

So as Matt and I were talking about this tonight I asked, "When did Alexa get her first tooth?" And Matt says, "I don't remember, do you?" and I realized I didn't remember either. How could we possibly forget such a big thing in her life? Almost EVERYTHING Alexa did I was like 'I'm never going to forget that this is what she did and this is when she did it, but I will write it down anyway just to have it written down.' Well it's a good thing I did that, huh!?! Isn't is funny how we as parents think that we will never forget anything that our little kids do? What makes it really funny is I can honestly not even remember what Alexa and I had for lunch yesterday so why would I ever think I could possibly remember everything that both of our children do as they grow up. Apparently now I know for the record that this is not my "gift" and I must always write everything down.


Uncle Phill said...

Hey thanks for stopping in today. Was great seeing the babies. Totally made my day.

Anonymous said...

We had a 'fist' stage too... your kids are SO adorable! Great pictures. And thye loook so happy. What a blessing!