Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A few pictures

Being home with the kids I realize I take A LOT more pictures than I have in the past. In an average month I probably take about 400 pictures, sometimes a little less sometimes a bunch more. :) Of course I think they are all worthy of making it into our blog but realistically it just can't happen. So here are a few from last week I thought I would share....

Here's Braden playing in his seat when we went to watch Alexa swim.

So I thought the -23 was bad, then this is what we woke up to the very next morning.
Thank goodness it's in the 30s this week, what a heat wave.
(Are you ready to come home yet Papa and Nana???)
This is Braden with his first bite of peaches.....I feel like I'm torturing him or something.
We have since moved onto squash which he loves, go figure.

Here is Alexa being her princess self, most days this is how she is walking around the house.

Alexa and Mommy

This is our little chef Alexa, she LOVES playing in her new kitchen she got from Santa.

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