Thursday, January 15, 2009

Music to my ears

happy birthday to you mommy
happy birthday to you mommy
happy birthday to you mommy YAAAAY

This is the song I got to wake up to this morning, sung by my adorable little Alexa. She was so excited to sing to me and give me my birthday card that she made a whole TWO days ago. It has been sitting on our counter since Tuesday night and the temptations to take a little peek have been crazy, I couldn't wait to see her masterpiece that she and daddy spent so much time making. They also spent lots of time in the kitchen last night making my cake. Below are a couple pictures of the event, and now that I think about it I really should have video taped it instead to capture the "real" thing. The two of them are funny when they get together and start making things. Overall it went pretty good, only a couple extra broken eggs and just a few little fingerprints in the finished project.

Adding the sprinkles (notice the pink around her face already.) :)
And here is my pretty PINK cake that Alexa picked out all by herself!
(It says "Happy B-day MOM" and that's a heart in the upper right hand corner)
And here is the card.....
She's so sweet, she even included Braden.


Uncle Phill said...

Look at that birthday card! It belongs in the Musee du Louvre! The mickey sticker that wraps around the cover is brilliant! Great job, Punkin' Pie!

Gramma said...

So how did that beautiful cake TASTE???