Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hold him, Mommy

Alexa loves holding Braden, and it's so cute....she climbs up on the couch and says "I hold him, mommy!" So I hand him over and she holds him and kisses him and it just the sweetest thing ever. We always knew we wanted more than one baby, mostly because we thought it was important that they have someone to grow up with and play with and knowing that they will always have someone there. What I never thought about was how it would feel as a mommy to watch your kids interact and grow together. Since the day Braden was born Alexa has been nothing but wonderful to him, it was like she knew that this was the little guy she would grow up with and always have in her life. Even at such a young age I just watch them interact, her tickling him, kissing him, hugging him and him watching her, smiling and laughing. I find myself smiling all the time and I think I must say "awwww" way more than I think because now every time Alexa does something cute to him she looks at me and says "mommy, awwww." We know they will probably have their ups and downs like almost all siblings, but I pray that they will always have a deep connection and love for each other.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to leave you a comment a sec ago and it got deleted... whah!... just wanted you to know how gorgeous your ilttle ones are!

Many blessings-