Monday, January 26, 2009

New Beds

We FINALLY got the kids rooms all switch around and now they each have new beds! We actually have had Alexa's new bed sitting downstairs since before Braden was even born but we (as in me) just weren't ready to move up to the next stage. But now we realized that Braden REALLY should have a bed of his own. Where has he been sleeping the past 5 1/2 months you ask? It's been a combination of bassinets, swing, pack-n-play, our bed, and Alexa's bed when not in use. Disturbing huh? He'll get used to it though, after all he IS a second child and that's just how it goes right? (Even though I said I would NEVER do anything different with him as we did Alexa....HA)

So anyway Alexa is now in her big girl bed. So far she has only took one nap in there because we set it up yesterday and she spent the night at Gramma's house last night so as far as actually sleeping in it at night we have no idea how that is going to go, but she did great during her nap. Didn't try to get out, didn't fall out...I would consider it pretty successful. I just can't believe our baby girl is in a big bed, once again I took this much harder than anyone else in the household. I had to fight back tears as I watched her sleep (yes, I watched her sleep) and that was in between bouts of crazy, irrational thoughts about her falling out, getting tangled in the sheets, and getting trapped in between the bed rails and bed. Let's just hope tonight goes as well as the nap did....I'll be watching, but only because I want to be able to give you all a full update on here of course! :)

Doesn't she just look so little in there? She actually LOVES it though, thank goodness I probably would have been easily convinced if she asked for her crib back.

This also means Braden finally has a bed to call his own AND we also finally got to break out the cute bedding that we bought like a year ago. He has also only taken one nap in there today but it went great as well. I think he slept much better than usual and much longer. We always tell him he needs to learn to take better naps....who would have known all he needed was an actual bed for that?! :)

Yes he is not actually sleeping in these pictures, they are right after he woke up. Any other moms out there will understand, not even a picture is worth waking a baby up from their nap!


Gramma said...

Alexa DOES look tiny in that big bed!! I bet she LOVES being able to stretch out to sleep again!!
Does this mean that I have to start putting her down at night on the futon in her room? OH OH!!!
Braden looks like he LOVES his new polka dot bed too...haha
Good job Laura!!

Amanda said...

Way to go!!! BTW, our littlest one has no bed either. Its kinda how we planned it. That and we have no room! But she had her own bassinet and Amby and all that... You know!

I LOVE Bradens bedding! Very cute!

Many blessings!