Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Bignell Family blog, yes we are finally joining the blog world. We love our website but decided that it was time to transfer into something a little more updated. I am not sure yet if we will be keeping our current website ( up and running or just start fading it out. (HA - seriously I can barely keep up with one thing do you really think I will be keeping up with both?) So this will probably be our new way of keeping in touch with our family and friends. We want to use this blog as a way of updating our lives for those who are interested, as a form of "documentation" of our babies as the grow up and to just keep in touch with others. Please keep in mind that I am VERY new at this whole "blogging" thing and actually have no idea what I am doing as of right now. So just hang in there with me, I will get it all figured out eventually....although some of you that already have your own blogs may be getting a desperate help message from me in the future! :)

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Gramma said...

Great Idea Bignell Family...just don't get rid of the other site until I get home to download them all into my computer there!!
LOVE the Christmas Pictures of the Babies!!