Monday, April 2, 2012

Project 365: Days 64-69

Day 64 {3-4-12}

Day 65 {3-5-12}

Day 66 {3-6-12} We went to Alexa's conferences this night and heard nothing but wonderful things! We are so thankful that she has such a great teacher who takes a little extra time out of the day to work with her on extra things to keep her moving forward. She is currently working on sounding out words and reading. Some nights she will sit and read us an entire book!

We're so proud of this girl!

Day 67 {3-7-12} You know when you get the great idea of pulling out EVERYTHING in your kids room and cleaning it out and organizing it all? Yeah, that.

P.S. Deciding to do that when you have 3 little helpers makes that idea even better. ;)

Day 68 {3-8-12} I had to take Callie in to have her ears checked after finishing some meds for an ear infection. Alexa starting yawning while we were there and I told her she wouldn't be so tired if she learned to sleep in a little bit. So our pediatrician gave her this "prescription." :) (For the record, she did NOT follow instructions!)

Day 69 {3-9-12} Apparently I missed this day...I can't find a picture on my camera or phone. :(

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Unknown said...

I love the doctors note!!! :)